1-5:00 PM

Pace Student Panels

5-6:00 PM

$5 per person to help us cover costs

6:30 PM



Chair: Julia Wrigley, Sociology Professor Walden Bello - Focus on the Global South (Philippines) Katja Kipping - Die Linke (The Left Party, Germany) Adolph Reed Jr. - Political Science, University of Pennsylvania Richard D. Wolff - Economics, The New School Arlie Hochschild – Sociology, University of California, Berkeley (followed by) Performance Vignettes of "The Cradle Will Rock", Yo Miss


10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Author Meets Critics: A Discussion of Joseph Schwartz's "The Future of Democratic Equality: Rebuilding Social Solidarity in a Fragmented America."

Can Collective Bargaining Aid Labor’s Economic Recovery?

Yes We Will!: Organizing to Bring Real and Lasting Social and Environmental Justice

Spiritual Politics, Social Movements: a New Left Turn?

Marx's Capital and the Economic Crisis

Control and Discipline in Modern China

The Relevance of the 1930s for Today’s Political and Economic Scene

The Trend of Chinese Marxism in the 21st Century

New Frontiers: Exploring Emotional Labor

Let Freedom Ring: Strategies to Free Political Prisoners Today

Responses to Meszaros' "Challenge and Burden of Historical Time"

The New Slavery and the Global Sex Industry: The New Abolitionists

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 3903 York University Strike: 85 Days of Struggle and Failure

Health Care Unionism and the Future of American Labor

Dependency Theory Revisited: Elements for a Critical Interpretation of the New-Developmentism in Latin American Governments

Money, Barrels, and Change

Teaching in Bad Times

Dialectics in Debate

Gaza: Between Invasion and Resistance - Jews and Arabs Speak Out!

Food Sovereignty: Indigenous and People’s Control Over Their Own Food Production

Capitalist Crisis, Energy and the Commons

Withering Energies? Oil and the Financial Crisis

Empowerment in Chinese American Communities- Then and Now

Rethinking the “Most Dangerous Place in the World”: The War on Terror in Pakistan

Childhood, Capitalism and Resistance

From the Barrio to the Barricades: Visions of a Better World

Global Warming and Society- What changes should students fight for?

Paper Tiger Documentary Interviews with Forum Participants

SCREENING: Salty Dog Blues: Documenting the Dismantling of the National Maritime Union

Status Conflics in America: Schools, Prisons, and WalMart

Right-Wing Women and the Struggle to Remake Conservatism

Anarchist Cinema - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


SATURDAY, 12-2:00 PM

Long Term Strategies for the Left

Resistance Struggles on the Inside: Political Organizing Behind Bars

The Iraq War in Perspective

The Crisis - A Long View from the Left: Embedding Radical Visions and Democratic Potentials in Reform Campaigns

Politics of the Contemporary Student Left: Hope and Failures

Turning Points in Building Progressive Majority and Advancing a Vision of Socialism

Critique of Religion and Empire-Critical Bible Readings: A Christian-Marxist Dialogue

State Capitalism and a New, New Deal: Limitations and Consequences

Making Sense of the Greek Uprising

The Street Children of Tegucigalpa: Teenage Gangs, Child Labor, Family Disintegration, and the Failed Washington Consensus

Obama Meets the World: Realities and Recommendations for a New Administration

Rank-and-File Rebellions in a Time of Economic Turbulence: Lessons for Today from the Long 1970s

Housing: A Basic Human Right

Women, Youth, and the Solidarity Economy

Teaching Popular Economics

Victor Serge Read-In: Stop Political Terror in Russia

How Occupation Works

Obama and Iran: A New Beginning?

The Struggle at Six Nations and the Politics of Settler-Indigenous

Can the Chinese Labor Movement Reverse the “Race to the Bottom?”

Once More Into the Breach: Radical Film and Art

Hip-Hop, Social Movements, and a New Left Turn

Secularism and the Radical Imagination

Race, Class and the Black Left

Strategies for Addressing the Climate Change Crisis: A Challenge to the American Left

The CUPE 3903 York University Strike: 85 Days of Struggle and Failure

The Puerto Rican Reality: The Duality of the Anti-colonial Struggle

SCREENING AND DISCUSSION: The Uprising of ’34 (1995)

Paper Tiger Documentary Interviews with Forum Participants

Poetry and Revolution

Three Generations of Women Explore the Price of Pleasure in Pornography

A Networking Session for Radical Movement Centers

SCREENING: The End of Poverty (2008) , Philippe Diaz




Lunch Hour



Revolution and Protest Yesterday and Tomorrow

The Right to the City

Obama and the Audacity of Hype

Understanding the Roots of the “Israel-Palestine conflict”


War and Imperialism: The New Turn in the War On Terror- from Afghanistan to Gaza

The Return of Karl Marx…But Which Marx is Most Needed, Especially Now?

Laboring American Culture: The Politics and Practices of Studs Terkel

Justice in the Age of Imperial America: Unchecked Political Power Verses the Law

Indigenous Mobilization in South America

Building New Social Relations: Prefigurative Politics in Movements

European Perspectives on Obama

Rhizomic Democracy

God’s Economics: Is an Ethical Economy Possible?

Classy Documentaries about Class Struggle

Grassroots Organizing

Africa And The Crisis Of Global Capitalism: Will It Be Bail Out Or Cash Out?

Building Strategies for Meaningful Local Development

Remembering Mills: The Sociological Imagination 50 Years Later

Campus Responsible Investment Movements

The Future of Israel/Palestine after Gaza

What Can Be Done About Corporate Media’s Biggest Magic Trick- The Disappearance of the Working Class?

The Past, Present and Future of Strikes

Is Another World Really Possible?

Religious Communities, Social Justice Campaigns, and Poor People’s Movements

Political Economy of the Globalized Food System

Counter Culture Industries: Capitalist, Anti-capitalist, Non-capitalist

The Housing Crisis and the Possibility of Resistance

Solitary Confinement in New York State Prisons

Left/Independent Publishing Panel

SCREENING: Argentina’s Dirty War: Three decades later (2008)

SCREENING: Malalai Joya: Enemies of Happiness


Paper Tiger Documentary Interviews with Forum Participants

Dialogue on Protecting Sex workers' Rights Versus Human Trafficking Laws and Logics



What Comes After Neoliberalism?

On the Brink of Depression: Turning Point in World Capitalism?

Marx and the Global Economic Crisis

Activists and the Current Crisis

Not Just Change, but Justice: Taking on U.S. Latin America Policy in the Obama Era

The Challenge of Right-Wing Populism in Northern Core Capitalist Countries: Differences, Similarities, and Labor Movement Counter-Strategies

Radical Organizing: Challenges & Successes

Spitzer, Sex Work, and Trafficking

China in the face of Deepening Crisis of Globalized Capitalism

New Frontiers: Left Psychology Explores US Personal Life

Building Power Through Educational Justice

Regroupment of the European Radical Left

Turning Up the Heat for Single Payer Health Care at this Political Turning Point

Cuba 2009: A Turning Point?

Student Organizing in a New Era- A roundtable Discussion for Mobilizing Students Against Budget Cuts and War

Is the Left Ready for a New Political Party

China's Contribution to Socialism and Democracy in the 21st Century

The Relation Between Chinese Reform and the Opening Up of Marxism

How Does Marxist-Humanism Speak to Socialism for the 21st Century

Queer Politics, Class, and the Right

China in the Global Crisis of Capitalism: A Turning point?

Dialectics of Defeat: Towards a Theory of Historical Regression

Direct Action Labor Struggle and Social Change

Radical Left/International Film Makers

The Food Democracy Movement: Organizing fo a Healthy, Sustainable, and Socially Just Food System

The Case Against Centralized Thermal (Nuclear and Coal) Power

SCREENING: Morristown: In the Air and Sun (2008), and The Internationale (1998)

Prosecution for Bush Era War Criminals

Left Lawyering in the Age of Obama

SCREENING: La Commune (2009), Cécile Clairval-Milhaud

Paper Tiger Documentary Interviews with Forum Participants

Grassroots Organizing: Behind Bars, in the Community




Bill Fletcher, Jr. (Moderator) - Center for Labor Renewal, Black Commentator Stanley Aronowitz – Sociology, Graduate Center, CUNY Frances Fox Piven - Political Science, Graduate Center, CUNY Barbara Epstein - History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz Gihan Perera- Miami Workers Center, Right to the City Alliance Barbara Ransby – Gender and Women’s Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago




10:00 AM

Nationalize the Banks! What Does it Really Mean?

What Has the World Social Forum Accomplished?

Beyond Capital's Crises

Theorizing Radical Democracy

Convergences and Strategies from the Emerging Global Climate Justice Movement

Political Economy of Contemporary India

Where is Venezuela Heading?

Solidarity Divided: The Crisis of Organized Labor, Author Meets Critic

Social Struggles, Political Conflicts, Democracy in Latin America

Race and Space

A Marxist-Psychoanalytic Analysis of “Death of a Salesman”

Marxist Theories of the Global Economic Crisis

Defeating the Persistent Assaults on Social Insurance

Is the U.S. Turning State Socialist? – An Analysis of the State of the Economy 2009 – Local, National, Global

Rebel CUNY : Legacy of People's Struggle

Greed, Can an Information Age Society Afford to Indulge It?

In search of a new political economy in times of global economic crisis

Theorizing Crisis and Class Mobilization: Ethnographies of Global Capitalism

The Criminalization of People with Psychiatric Disabilities

Teaching Immigrants and Immigration

New Left Party Formations in Europe: The Global Crisis of Neoliberalism and New Openings

The Internet: Humanity's Revolutionary Initiative

Building Solidarity with Iraq’s Civil Resistance

Not our war: Afghanistan and the Challenges for the Global Peace Movement

The New Deal Model and Permanent Change

Informal Sector Worker Organizing at the Crossroads

Class Struggle and the Crisis: From Workers to Capital and Back Again

Reclaiming Life

Women’s Liberation in China

Photography: Revealing the Socially Invisible

In Praise of Socialist Planning

Imperialism and the Global Economic Crisis

The Chinese Model of Development


Paper Tiger Documentary Interviews with Forum Participants


12-2:00 PM

Progressive Program for Recovery and Financial Reconstruction

China in the Global Economic Maelstrom

South Asia Globalizing: What Ruling Classes Do When They Rule

Marxist and Other Left Perspectives on the Future of the Chinese Political Economy

American Violence: Actually-Existing Barbarism?

A Panel Discussion on Anarchism and Marxism

Venezuela’s Impact on Latin America

The Return of Marx: How can Socialism Change the World?

Returning to the Source: Ethnic Studies in the Obama Age

Crisis in Auto: Public Bailout or Public Ownership?

Global Unions

Sports as a Platform for Dissent

Is the Crisis the Solution?

Black Workers and the Current Economic Crisis

Teaching War and Peace in the Classroom

Beyond the Links of Repression: from Chile to the US

A Collaborative Multi-national Democracy Workshop: Building a Hemispheric Economy

To Quell and Expel: Challenging the Police State

Universities in (the) Crisis: Class Contradictions in Higher Education

Global Struggle for Democratic Control of Corporations in Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster

How Do We Create a New World: Do we help save the old dying world, or do we help speed up its certain death?

Liberalism, Imperialism & the Politics of Human Rights

Internet Labor

Away With All Gods?

Green New Deal - A Global Turn in Capitalism?

Science for the People

The Culture Wars & Sexuality

Photojournalism and the Aesthetics of Suffering: Embedded Versus Unembedded and Sympathy versus Empathy

The Crisis is in Charge, the Center Cannot Hold: What Way Forward with Obama

Urban Policy and Race

Women on the Margins: Incarceration and Resistance in the Current Era

Health Care Reform: Building Left Unity is Critical

Indigenous Activism, the New Constitution, and Political Conflict in Bolivia

Building Sustainable Communities, Beyond Green and Into Social Sustainability

Paper Tiger Documentary Interviews with Forum Participants

SCREENING: A Really Inconvenient Truth (2007), Joel Kovel

SCREENINGS: Capitalism Hits The Fan (2008), Rick Wolff; and The Overspent American (1998), Julie Schor


3-5:00 PM

Labor Strategy and Tactics for a New Era- A roundtable discussion with labor activists and strikers

Domestic Worker Organizing- Building Power Locally and Nationally

What is the Nature of the Economic Crisis?

On The Financial Crisis

Gay Marriage: Should the Left Care?

Overcoming Capitalist Ecological Degradation through Ecosocialism

Left Strategy from the Grassroots

Women’s Voices From Iran

Democratic Socialist Responses to Stagnation, the Wall Street Collapse and the World Economic Crisis

The Trouble With Diversity in the Age of Obama

Is there Life After Shopping?

Exposing the Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline and the Systematic Destruction of Poor Black and Latino Families in New York City

Local Electoral Politics: Why Bother?

Concretizing Marx's Alternative to Capitalism: A Marxist-Humanist Perspective

For Leadership and Human Rights

The De-Stalinization of Chinese Marxism

Public Education, Gentrification, and Privatization

From the New School Occupation to Our Political Moment

Grow It, Sell It, Cook It, Serve It, Eat It: Sustainable Alternatives in Food Production, Preparation and Distribution

Illustrating Resistance: Art, Activism and Popular Education

The Practice of Teaching. Researching and Writing on Elite Deviance in the Higher Education Context

Campaign to End the Death Penalty National Tour: Live From Death Row!

Critical Theory and Democratic Vision: Herbert Marcuse and Recent Liberation Philosophies

Looking Back and Moving Forward: A Roundtable on Ending Imperialist Projects in Iraq, the Middle East and South Asia

The Role of Scholars and Artists in Palestine Solidarity: The Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel

Solidarity Economy: Building Alternatives for People and Planet

The Debate Over Green Capitalism, Technofixes and Reforms

Terror Incognita: Immigrants and the Homeland Security State

Paper Tiger Documentary Interviews with Forum Participants

SCREENING: Obama's Iraq (2009) , Richard Rowley


5:30 pm


Nancy Holmstrom (Chair) - Philosophy, Rutgers Medea Benjamin - Co-founder Code Pink and Global Exchange Johanna Brenner - Sociology, Portland State University Kate Bronfenbrenner, Director of Labor Education and Research, New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University Bhairavi Desai - Executive Director, New York Taxi Workers Alliance


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