important information for conference attendees


John Jay College of Criminal Justice,

The City University of New York 

524 W. 59th St (Between 10th and 11th)

New York, New York

Welcome to the Left Forum 2016 conference

On site registration starts at 3:00 pm on Friday, May 20th at the New Building entrance on 11th Avenue, between 58th & 59th Street. Please note this is a different entry way than past years. The conference site re-opens at 8:00 am on Saturday and Sunday and close upon commencement of that days’ plenary event. 


  • For Directions to get to John Jay please click here.  


  • For information about nearby hotels and parking click here.


When you arrive at John Jay, all conference participants should go to the main entrance on 11th Avenue, between 58th & 59th streets.  There will be a division of lines based on your role in the conference. Check back with this page info. to see a diagrammed view of the Entry and Registration area to assist your registration process To avoid missing part of the morning panel sessions we ask you to arrive as early as possible (please come early and enjoy the book and organizational fair before the panel sessions start).  

Food: The main cafeteria, as well as, JJ’s Cafe (both conveniently located in the John Jay New Building) is scheduled to be open and available to conference attendees.  They have made special arrangements for our conference so let’s take advantage of the convenience!  


Seating Capacity and Overflow for Plenary Events and Stand-Alone or Lunchtime Events: Please note that these events often fill up quickly because of the size of the auditorium. For the Plenary sessions and Saturday Evening Event: Tickets are distributed, one ticket per person and are handed out on the day of each event on a first come, first serve basis. Ticket distribution begins when the conference doors open (please ask for your ticket in the registration process). These tickets are included in the overall conference fee. Overflow viewing is provided for conference attendees who do not get seats in these events. Please check back to this page for updated information on plenary and featured events ticketing.


Please note that all conference participants, panelists and workshop facilitators included, should register and pay the applicable fees. If you have any questions regarding your registration please email us at or contact the Left Forum Office at (212) 817 - 2002(212) 817 - 2002 /2003.

See you at the conference and please write us if you need more information:

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