Left Forum 2009



April 17-19
Pace University, New York City


Even before the financial meltdown that spread its destruction to other sectors of the US and global economy we have had a sense of a capitalism in deep trouble, unable not only to meet the needs of people (no new development) but unable to even reproduce its exploitative norms nor able to effectively force its once robust ideological hegemony on people. American capitalism has been deeply discredited in its failed wars, failed economy, and failure to meet the basic needs of people and the planet.

The 2009 Left Forum poses the question, could we be at a historic juncture in the evolution of American power and politics?

There is a palpable sense that the end of the Bush Presidency might just be such moment. There are signs of deep and lasting changes might be possible, and even underway, in the political firmament. The economy is teetering on what could be the deepest downturn since the Great Depression. Politically, the Obama campaign and presidency have raised the spirits of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, but in doing so it has also exposed the Party to a defection by this very wing if Obama settles for business as usual. On the international front, the American empire is stretched thinner, and appears more vulnerable, than at any time since the Vietnam War. At an even more basic level, the continuing ecological crisis has reached a tipping point, or a point of no return.

Taken together, these developments have created a sense of crisis. But they also present the Left with an opportunity – perhaps a historic opportunity – to push for change in a progressive direction. We seem, in every sense, to be at a turning point. How can we address and challenge such a set of catastrophes?

The primary issue of what is to be done is as critical as it is classic. After we have identified the nature of the current conjuncture: how can the Left intervene effectively? Left Forum provides a unique space for the generation of ideas crucial to theorizing and building a resurgent Left.

This year the Forum will include participants from all corners of North America, as well as Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. It will truly be a rare opportunity for a global left dialogue. We hope you will be with us.




Political Economy and the Current Crisis | Culture and Everyday Life | Race | U.S. Politics| Prison-Industrial Complex | Gender | Ecology and Environment | Food | Religion | Labor | Art | Middle East | Marxism and Theory | Asia | Africa | Community Organizing | Political and Social Movements | Health, Housing, and Education | Latin America | Europe | Pace Friday Student Panels




On the Brink of Depression: Turning point in world Capitalism? Suzi Weissman (Chair) - Politics, St. Mary's College Hillel Ticktin - Critique Michael Hudson - Institute for the Study of Long Term Trends Nomi Prins - Journalist, "Other People's Money" Jack Rasmus - Economics and Politics, St. Marys College

Nationalize the Banks! What Does it Really Mean? Leo Panitch (Chair) - Political Science, York University Fred Moseley - Economics, Mt. Holyoke College Doug Henwood - Left Business Observer David Harvey - Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center Nomi Prins - author of Other People's Money

Progressive Program for Recovery and Financial Reconstruction Michael Meeropol (Chair) - Economics, Western New England College David Kotz - Economics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst Radhika Balakrishnan - International Studies, Economics, Marymount Manhattan College William K. Tabb - Economics, Queens College, CUNY

Imperialism and the Global Economic Crisis David McNally (Chair) - Political Science, York University Radhika Desai - Political Studies, University of Manitoba Hugo Radice - Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds

On The Financial Crisis Max Fraad Wolff - Economics, New School for Social Research Robin Blackburn - Committee on Historical Studies, New School for Social Research Paul Mason - Economics correspondent, British Broadcasting Corporation Doug Henwood - Left Business Observer

Money, Barrels, and Change Mohammad Soleymani (Chair) - Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY Kenneth Levin - Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY Oliver Cooke - Stockton College Fabian Balardini - Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY Mathew Bradbury - Economics, Queens College, CUNY

Marxist Theories of the Global Economic Crisis Justin Holt (Chair) - Gallatin School, New York University David Kotz - Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst John McDermott - Economics, State University of New York Julio Huato - Economics, St. Francis College

Author Meets Critics: A Discussion of Joseph Schwartz's "The Future of Democratic Equality: Rebuilding Social Solidarity in a Fragmented America." Michael Hirsch (Chair) - Democratic Socialists of America Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak - Director, Center for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University Steven Eric Bronner - Politics, Rutgers University Corey D. B. Walker - Africana Studies, Brown University Joseph Schwartz (Author/Respondent) - Political Science, Temple University

What Comes After Neoliberalism? Walden Bello - Focus on the Global South Mario Candeias - Rosa Luxemburg Foundation William K. Tabb - Economics, Queens College, CUNY

Marx and the Global Economic Crisis Radhika Desai (Chair)- Political Studies, University of Manitoba Fred Moseley - Economics, Mt. Holyoke College David McNally - Political Science, York University Anwar Shaikh - Economics, New School

Is the U.S. Turning State Socialist? – An Analysis of the State of the Economy 2009 – Local, National, Global Cay Hehner (Chair) - Henry George School Andrew Mazzone - Henry George School Quisia Gonzalez - Henry George School Michael Hudson - Economist Robert Fitch - Political Science, Henry George School

The relevance of the 1930s for today’s political and economic scene Graham Cassano (Chair) - Sociology, Oakland University, Michigan Troy Rondinone - History, Southern Connecticut State University Amy Offner, History, Columbia University

Marx's Capital and the Economic Crisis Radhika Desai (Chair) - Political Studies, University of Manitoba Michael Egoavil - Social Worker Brendan Cooney - Video Blogger, kapitalism101.wordpress.com Alan Freeman - Visiting Research Fellow, University of Manitoba Andrew Kliman - Economics, Pace University

In search of a new political economy in times of global economic crisis John Gulick (chair) Mark Friedman - Plant Closures Project David Kristjanson-Gural - Economics, Bucknell University Cay Hehner - Education, Henry George School Wakeen Edmonds- Wall street Financial Advisor

Beyond Capital's Crises Richard D. Wolff - (Chair) Economics, New School, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Jack Amariglio - Economics, Merimack College Richard McIntyre - Economics, University of Rhode Island S. Charusheela - Women's Studies, University of Las Vegas Antonio Callari - Economics, Franklin & Marshall College

Democratic Socialist Responses to Stagnation, the Wall Street Collapse and the World Economic Crisis Michael Hirsch (Chair) - Democratic Socialists of America Theresa Ghilarducci - New School University Mark Levinson - UNITE HERE Robert Fitch - Long Island University

 What is the Nature of the Economic Crisis? Magalí Sarfatti-Larson (Chair) - Sociology, Temple University Bill Tabb - Economics, Queens College, CUNY Anwar Shaikh - Economics, New School for Social Research Rick Wolff - Economics, University of Massachussetts, Amherst



Counter Culture Industries: Capitalist, Anti-capitalist, Non-capitalist Jesse Goldstein (Chair) - Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center David Spataro - Geography, CUNY Graduate Center Brandon Joyce - Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Studies Stephen Duncombe - Gallatin School, New York University Chris Carlsson - author, "Nowtopia!" Tianna Kennedy - artist and curator Josh Macphee - author and curator

Sports as a Platform for Dissent Dave Zirin (Chair) - The Edge of Sports Toni Smith - Basketball player Ken Krayeske - Journalist

Greed, Can an Information Age Society Afford to Indulge It? James Fukuda (Chair) - Catalyst Asset Services, LLC Nick Pslatos - CEO, The Horror Channel The Rev Horace Griffin - Director Field Education, General Theological Seminary, NYC Aureo Cardona - Supera America, National Hispanic Housing Congress

Theorizing Crisis and Class Mobilization: Ethnographies of Global Capitalism Bill DiFazio (Chair) - Sociology, St. John's University Clayton Rosati - Telecommunications, Bowling Green State University Kang Sun - School of Communication Studies Bowling Green State University David Van Arsdale - Sociology, Hartwick College

Childhood, Capitalism and Resistance Sue Ferguson (Chair) - Journalism, Wilfrid Laurier University Beryl Langer - Sociology, LaTrobe University Alan Sears - Sociology, Ryerson University Pablo Idahosa - African Studies, York University

Hip-Hop, Social Movements, and a New Left Turn Rosa Clemente (Chair) - Community Organizer, Journalist and Hip-Hop activist Omowale James - Grassroots Artists Movement Hank Williams - Africana Studies Group, CUNY Graduate Center

New Frontiers: Exploring Emotional Labor Arlie Hochschild (Chair) - Emotional Labor: A New Frontier Seth Adler - Coordinator, Left Forum; scholar, activist Harriet Fraad - Class Transformations in US marriage, Family and Intimate Exploitation Pam Smith - author, "'I Don't Want to Bring the House to Work' - the Emotional Labour of Migrant Nurses and the Remaking of Disadvantage"

New Frontiers: Left Psychology Explores US Personal Life Roger Salerno - Sociology/Anthropology, Pace University Harriet Fraad - Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist Lauren Langman - Sociology, Loyola University

A Marxist-Psychoanalytic Analysis of “Death of a Salesman”Isis Leslie (Chair) - Political Science, Texas Tech University Richard Lichtman - Critical Theory in Psychology, Sacramento, California Lisa Davis - Novelist, Spanish Language and Literature, CUNY & SUNY, Center for Puerto Rican Studies and Circulo de Cultura Cubana

Is the Crisis the Solution? Ivan Zatz (Chair) - Sociology, Pratt Institute Peter Bratsis - Political Science, University of Salford Stanley Aronowitz - Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center John Clark - Philosophy, Loyala University, New Orleans



The Trouble With Diversity in the Age of Obama Nancy Holmstrom (Chair) - Philosophy, Rutgers University Walter Benn Michaels - English, Univeristy of Illinois, Chicago Adolph Reed Jr. - Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

Black Workers and the Current Economic Crisis Christine Williams (Chair) - Transport Workers Union Ashaki Binta - United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers and Jobs with Justice Angela Glasper - National Union of Healthcare Workers Tim Schermerhorn - Black Workers Network and Transport Workers Union

Returning to the Source: Ethnic Studies in the Obama Age Hank Williams (Chair) - Africana Studies Group, CUNY Graduate Center Sam Anderson - Black New Yorkers for Educational Excellence Clarissa Horton - Angela Davis Anti-Racist Alliance, Pratt Institute

Race, Class and the Black Left Yusuf Nuruddin (Chair) - "Socialism & Democracy" Rod Bush - Sociology & Anthropology, St. John's University Saladin Muhammad - Black Workers for Justice Brenda Stokeley - Black Left Unity Ron Washington - Black Telephone Workers for Justice



State Capitalism and a New, New Deal: Limitations and Consequences Barbara Foley (Chair) - English, Rutgers University, Newark Andrew Kliman - Economics, Pace University Fred Magdoff - Monthly Review Foundation Gregory Meyerson - Co-editor, "Cultural Logic: An Electronic Journal of Marxist Theory and Practice" Michael Joseph Roberto - History, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Obama and The Audacity of Hype Lauren Langman (Chair)- Dept of Sociology, Loyola University Thomas Ponniah - Social Studies Program at Harvard Laura Flanders - Grit TV

Justice in the Age of Imperial America: Unchecked Political Power Verses the Law Erna Paris - author, journalist, winner of 10 International journalism awards Minky Worden - Media Director, Human Rights Watch David Swanson - Co-Founder, AfterDowningStreet.org, Board member, Progressive Democrats for America

Obama Meets the World: Realities and Recommendations for a New AdministrationDavid Schultz (Chair) - School of Business, Hamline University Samer N. Abboud - Political Science, Susquehanna University, “Image, Rhetoric and Reality: The Potential of the Obama Administration in the Middle East” Joseph G. Peschek - Political Science, Hamline University, “The Obama Presidency and the Politics of ‘Change’ in Foreign Policy” Tracy Lightcap - Political Science, LaGrange College, “To Be or Not to Be: Torture, American Politics, and America's Future” Celina Su - Political Science, Brooklyn College, CUNY, “Leaving No Child Left Behind” Behind: Building a Student-Centered Education Policy”

The Crisis - A Long View from the Left: Embedding Radical Visions and Democratic Potentials in Reform Campaigns Bill Resnick (Chair) - Lawyer, radio and print journalist Chester Hartman - Research Director, Poverty and Race Research Action Council Johanna Brenner - Sociology, Portland State University

Liberalism, Imperialism & the Politics of Human Rights Jacob Stevens (Chair)- Verso Books Richard Seymour - author, "The Liberal Defense of Murder" Samuel Moyn - History, Columbia University John R. MacArthur - Publisher, Harper's

Prosecuting Bush Era War Criminals & Seizure of Powers: Preventing More Crimes Linda Rigas - Student of Consciousness and Resistance, New England School of Law Debra Sweet - Director of World Can't Wait David Swanson - Co-Founder of AfterDowningStreet.org

Left Lawyering in the Age of Obama Frank Deale (Chair) - Professor, CUNY Law School Marianne Lado - General Counsel, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest Mimi Rosenberg - Attorney, Legal Aid Society Sameer Ashar - Clinic Director, CUNY Law School Vincent Warren, Center for Constitutional Rights

The Crisis is in Charge, the Center Cannot Hold: What Way Forward with Obama John G. Mason (Chair) - Political Science, William Paterson University Steve Shalom - Political Science, William Paterson University Sheila Collins - Political Science, William Paterson University Professor Diana Judd

Local Electoral Politics: Why Bother? Karen Young (Chair) - Green Party activist and candidate for Secretary of State in Illinois, 2006 Ted Fertik - New York State Campaign Coordinator for the Working Families Party David Pechefsky - current Green Party candidate for City Council District 39 (Brooklyn) Bob Fitrakis - Political Science, Columbus State Community College

Terror Incognita: Immigrants and the Homeland Security State Christy Thornton (Chair) - NACLA Renee Feltz - Business of Detention Project Manisha Vaze- Families for Freedom Jack Hammond - ­ Professor of Sociology, Hunter College/CUNY Joseph Nevins - Associate professor of Geography, Vassar College

The New Deal Model and Permanent Change Marguerite Rosenthal (Chair) - Social Work, Salem State College Philip Harvey - Rutgers University School of Law Nancy Rose - Economics, University of California, San Bernardino Sheila Collins - Political Science, William Paterson University Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg - Social Policy, Adelphi University School of Social Work National Jobs for All Coalition

Status Conflicts in America: Schools, Prisons, and WalMart Jessie Klein (Chair) - Sociology/Criminology, Adelphi Univiersity Jacqueline Johnson - Sociology/Criminology, Adelphi Univiersity Colby Prusecki - Student, Adelphi Univiersity, Sociology

American Violence: Actually-Existing Barbarism? Vivek Chibber (Chair) - Sociology, New York University Philip Green - Government, Smith College, and Political Science, New School for Social Research Ruth Wilson Gilmore - American Studies and Ethnicity and Geography, University of Southern California Leo Panitch, York University



Women on the Margins: Incarceration and Resistance in the Current Era Diana Block (Chair) - California Coalition for Women Prisoners Pilar Maschi - Critical Resistance NYC & a formerly incarcerated woman Joanne Macri - Immigrant Defense Project Laura Whitehorn - former anti-imperialist political prisoner & editor, POZ Susan Rosenberg - former anti-imperialist political prisoner Victoria Law - Books Through Bars—NYC

Grassroots Organizing: Behind Bars, in the Community Daniel Gross (chair), Co-author, labor Law for the Rank and File Andrea Gibbons Gary Phillips Gilda Haas James Tracy

Campaign to End the Death Penalty National Tour: Live From Death Row! "Live call-in from death row prisoner" Lee Wengraf (Chair) - Campaign to End the Death Penalty Family member of Mumia Abu-Jamal Lawrence Hayes - former Black Panther & NYS death row prisoner Yusef Salaam - exonerated in the Central Park jogger case

Resistance Struggles on the Inside: Political Organizing Behind Bars Meg Starr (Chair) - Resistance in Brooklyn Robert Hillary King - former political prisoner confined to solitary for 30 years in Angola Correctional Facility Victoria Law - Books Through Bars—NYC Jamie Bissonette - Criminal Justice Program, American Friends Service Committee in New England

Solitary Confinement in New York State Prisons Alexandra Smith (Chair)- Coordinator, Mental Health Alternatives to Solitary Confinement (MHASC), Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities (RIPPD) member Leah Gitter - RIPPD, MHASC, family member Jack Beck - Prison Visiting Project, Director, Correctional Association of New York Myra Hutchinson - RIPPD, MHASC Irene Healey - RIPPD, MHASC Marcus Healey - RIPPD, MHASC

 Let Freedom Ring: Strategies to Free Political Prisoners TodayMatt Meyer (Chair) - editor of Let Freedom Ring and activist with War Resisters League Robert Hillary king, Angola 3 political prisoner and author of 'From the Bottom of the Heap' Elizam Escobar - Puerto Rican former political prisoner and artist Ashanti Alston - former political prisoner, co-chair of National Jericho Amnesty Movement, member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement Ramona Africa - former MOVE prisoner and activist with the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal Laura Whitehorn - former political prisoner and Let Freedom Ring contributor



Right-Wing Women and the Struggle to Remake Conservatism Michelle Goldberg (Chair) Abby Scher - Public Eye Quarterly Pam Chamberlain - Political Research Associates Kathryn Joyce - author, "Quiverfull:Inside the Christian Patriarchy movement"

Three Generations of Women Explore the Price of Pleasure in Pornography Chyng Sun - Filmmaker, Master Teacher of Media Studies, McGhee Liberal Arts, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, NYU Harriet Fraad - Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist Tess Fraad Wolff - Student of Psychology, New School, Assistant to Dr. Chyng Sun

Dialogue on protecting sex workers' rights versus human trafficking laws and logics Kai Zhang (Chair) Claire Garvey - Amnesty International Will Rockwell - $pread Magazine

The Culture Wars and SexualityDavid Rosen (Chair) - author, "Sex Scandal America: Politics & the Ritual of Public Shaming" Betty Dodson - long-term women's sexual freedom activist and author of "Orgasm for Two: The Joy of Partnersex" Michelle Goldberg - author, "Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism" and "The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power and the Future of the World" Richard Kim - The Nation Institute Bianca I. Laureno- Sex-Positive Sexuality consultant, educator, activist, host of LatinoSexuality.com

The New Slavery and the Global Sex Industry: The New Abolitionists Karie A. Gubbins (Chair) - William Paterson University, member North Jersey Coalition Against Trafficking John G. Mason - Political Science, William Paterson University Faith Huckel - Director, Restore NYC Yvonne Rafferty - Psychology, Pace University

Queer Politics, Class, and the Right Pam Chamberlain, Political Research Associates Joseph DiFillipis, Queers for Economic Justice Somjen Fraser, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Women’s Liberation in China Bai Di - Director of Chinese and Asian Studies at Drew University Li Onesto - author of "Dispatches from the People's War in Nepal" and a writer for Revolution newspaper

Spitzer, Sex Work, and Trafficking Maryse Mitchell-Brody (chair) - MSW Candidate, Sex Workers Action New York co-founder, Sex Workers Outreach Project NYC Kerwin Kaye - PhD candidate, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University Elizabeth Bernstein - Professor, Department of Sociology and Women's Studies, Barnard College/Columbia University Sienna Baskin, Esq. - Staff Attorney, Sex Workers Project, Urban Justice Center (tentative) Robin D - Sex Workers Action New York, Sex Workers Outreach Project NYC  

Gay Marriage: Should the Left Care?Catherine Sameh (Chair) - Solidarity Kenyon Farrow - Policy Institute Fellow with the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) and the National Public Education Director for Queers for Economic Justice Tom Harrison - Campaign for Peace and Democracy Sherry Wolf - the International Socialist Review



Green New Deal - A Global Turn in Capitalism? Frieder Otto Wolf, Free University, Berlin Mario Candeias, Rosa Luxemburg Foundatio Victor Wallis, Socialism and Democracy

The Debate Over Green Capitalism, Technofixes and Reforms Richard Greeman (Chair) - Victor Serge Foundation, Montpellier, France Brian Tokar - Institute for Social Ecology Mitchel Cohen - longtime Brooklyn activist in environmental causes Victor Wallis - managing editor, "Socialism & Democracy Gregory Meyerson - Coeditor, "Cultural Logic: An Electronic Journal of Marxist Theory and Practice"

Reclaiming Life Victor Wallis (Chair) - managing editor, "Socialism & Democracy" David Schwartzman - Biology, Howard University Michael Joseph Roberto - History, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Jeff Noonan - Philosophy, University of Windsor Les Levidow - Centre for Technology Strategy, Open University (UK)

Is Another World Really Possible? Jenny Greeman (Chair) - The WorkShop Theater Company Jonathan Neale - Campaign against Climate Change, Britain Richard Greeman - Victor Serge Foundation, Montpellier, France John Bellamy Foster - Monthly Review

Science for the People Karen Charman (Chair) - Capitalism Nature Socialism Stuart Newman - New York Medical College Jane Zara - Molecular biologist and lawyer David Schwartzman- Howard University

Convergences and Strategies from the Emerging Global Climate Justice Movement Michael Dorsey (Chair) - Dartmouth College & Durban Group Julian Drix - Rising Tide North America Tom Goldtooth - Indigenous Environmental Network Brooke Lehman - Bluestockings Bookstore & Direct Action Network Janet Redman - Institute for Policy Studies Hendro Sangkoyo - School of Democratic Economics (Indonesia) Brian Tokar - Institute for Social Ecology Rachel Smolker - Independent, Vermont-based Intellectual

Building Sustainable Communities, Beyond Green and Into Social Sustainability James Fukuda (Chair)

Overcoming Capitalist Ecological Degradation through Ecosocialism Salvatore Engel-di Mauro (Chair) - Geography, SUNY New Paltz/Capitalism Nature Socialism Irwin Sperber - Sociology, SUNY New Paltz/Union of Radical Sociologists Peter Freund - Sociology, Montclair State University Erik Swyngedouw - Geography, University of Manchester (UK)

Global Warming and Society- What changes should students fight for? Christopher Williams - Environmental Science and Physics, Pace University Mollie Schrantz - High school student, Packer Collegiate Institute. Shams Tarek - Communications director of New York City Council's Environmental Protection Committee, Pace University Brian Jones

The Case Against Centralized Thermal (Nuclear and Coal) Power Karen Charman (Chair) - Capitalism Nature Socialism Mary Olson - Nuclear Information and Resource Service Arnie Gundersen - former nuclear executive turned nuclear whistleblower Michel Lee - Promoting Health and Sustainable Energy (PHASE)

Strategies for Addressing the Climate Change Crisis: A Challenge to the American Left Paul Mayer (chair) - Climate Crisis Coalition Cecil Corbin Mark - WEACT for Environmental Justice Lorna Salzman

Withering Energies? Oil and the Financial Crisis Amy Freeman (Chair) Matt Huber - Geography, Clark University Mazen Labban - Geography and Regional Studies, University of Miami Nayna Jhaveri - Environmental Studies Program, Colgate University

Yes We Will!: Organizing to Bring Real and Lasting Social and Environmental Justice Joel Kovel (Chair) - Capitalism Nature Socialism/author Joel Kupferman - New York Environmental Law & Justice Project, Environmental Justice Committee of the National Lawyers Guild Richard Grossman - Independent Historian and Democracy Advocate

 Capitalist Crisis, Energy and the Commons Iain Boal (Chair) - University of California, Berkeley and Santa Cruz Peter Linebaugh - University of Toledo George Caffentzis - Philosophy, University of Southern Maine Silvia Federici - Hofstra University



Grow It, Sell It, Cook It, Serve It, Eat It: Sustainable Alternatives in Food Production, Preparation and Distribution Mel Grizer (Chair) - United Community Centers (East New York, Brooklyn) Peter Hoffman - Chef, Owner of Savoy and Back 40 restaurants in Manhattan, Chefs' Collaborative Mike Rogowski - Pine Island, NY farmer, supplier of several Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) sites David Vigil - East New York Forums Ana Aguierra, United Community Centers Kevon Hines - Third year intern and Crew chief, East New York Farms!

Food Sovereignty: Indigenous and People’s Control Over Their Own Food Production Nancy Romer(Chair)- Psychology, Brooklyn College, CUNY Mark Edelman - Anthropology, Hunter College and CUNY Grad Center, Co-editor, "Transnational Agrarian Movements Confronting Globalization", Co-author, "Social Democracy in the Global Periphery" Christina Schiavoni - International Coordinator, World Hunger Year (WHY) Devaney Jackson: Brooklyn Rescue Mission

The Food Democracy Movement: Organizing for a Healthy, Sustainable, and Socially Just Food SystemSarita Daftary - Youth Educator and Project Director, East New York Farms! Angela Davis - Community Food Education Coordinator, Just Food Richard Mandelbaum - Farm Worker and Organizer with CATA (El Comite de Apoyo a los Trabajadores Agricolas), Founder of the Domestic Fair Trade Association Nancy Romer - Psychology, Brooklyn College, General Coordinator, Brooklyn Food Conference, Community Activist

Political Economy of the Globalized Food System Nancy Romer (Chair) - Psychology, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn Food Conference Max Fraad Wolff - International Relations, New School University Arun Gupta - "The Indypendent" Jason Borenstein



God’s Economics: Is an Ethical Economy Possible? Maxine Phillips (Chair) - executive editor Dissent Magazine Juanita Webster (Chair) - Black Radical Congress Gary Dorrien - Union Theological Seminary Reinhold Niebuhr Prof. of Social Ethics Rabbi Michael Feinberg - director NY Labor Religion Coalition Sarah Sayeed - NY Interfaith Center Rev. Earl Kooperkamp - St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Harlem

Spiritual Politics and Social Movements: A New Left Turn? Rev. Anthony Johnson (Chair) - Community Church of New York Masamichi Kamiya - Minister Rissho Kosei-kai of New York Fr. Paul Mayer - Climate Crisis Coalition Ac. Devatmananda Avadhuta- Senior Monk, Ananda Marga, North and Central America

Away With All Gods? Matthew LaClair (Chair) - Eugene Lang College, Student President of The Center for Inquiry on Campus Sunsara Taylor - writer for Revolution newspaper, host WBAI Equal Time for Freethought Paul Eckstein - Philosophy, Bergen Community College, host WBAI Equal Time for Freethought Dominic V. Wetzel - CUNY Graduate Center

Critique of Religion and Empire-Critical Bible Readings: A Christian-Marxist Dialogue Charlene Sinclair (Chair) - Christian Ethics, Union Theological Seminary Brigitte Kahl - New Testament, Union Theological Seminary Jan Rehmann - Philosophy, Union Theological Seminary Richard D. Wolff - Economics, New School, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Religious Communities, Social Justice Campaigns, and Poor People’s Movements Jan Rehmann (Chair) - Philosophy, Union Theological Seminary Charlene Sinclair - Christian Ethics, Union Theological Seminary Lisa Donner - ACORN Paul Sherry - Let Justice Roll, former UCC president

Secularism and the Radical Imagination John D. Boy (Chair)- CUNY Graduate Center Bruno Gullì - Long Island University, CUNY Dominic V. Wetzel - CUNY Graduate Center Sam Han - CUNY Graduate Center Mitra Rastegar - CUNY Graduate Center



Global Unions Lucas Shapiro (Chair) Ina Hinzer - Cornell University Nicola Nicolosi - Italian General Confederation of Labor Kate Bronfenbrenner, Cornell University Jamie McCallum - CUNY Andrea Montagni, Italian General Confederation of Labor

Crisis in Auto: Public Bailout or Public Ownership? Sam Gindin (Chair) - Political Science, York University Dan LaBotz - labor writer/activist Diane Freeley - UAW activist

Health Care Unionism and the Future of American Labor Cal Winslow (Chair)- UC Berkeley Angela Glasper - National Union of Healthcare Workers John Borsos - National Union of Healthcare Workers Jennifer Klein - History, Yale University Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez - New York State Nurses Association, Montefiore Medical Center Ariel Ducey - Sociology, University of Calgary

Informal Sector Worker Organizing at the Crossroads Priscilla Gonzalez (Chair) Beatriz Garayalde, Domestic Workers United Sekou Siby, ROC-NY Saket Soni, New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice Roberto Garcia, Day Laborers of Woodside

Internet Labor and the Economic Crisis Trebor Scholz (Chair) - Media Studies, New School University Jonah Bossewitch - doctoral student, educational technologist, activist, Columbia University Gabriella Coleman - Media, Culture, & Communication, New York University Cara O'Connor - doctoral student Philosophy, SUNY Stony Brook McKenzie Wark (respondent) - author Hacker Manifesto

Can the Chinese Labor Movement Reverse the “Race to the Bottom?” Ellen David Friedman (Chair)- School of Government, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou Zhang Xiaodan - Sociology, York College of CUNY Earl Brown - Labor and Employment Law Counsel, American Center for International Labor Solidarity

Domestic Worker Organizing- Building Power Locally and Nationally Joycelyn Gill-Campbell (Chair) - Domestic Workers United Luna Ranjit - Adikaar Liliam Juarez - Unity Housecleaners + Workplace Project Debra Cole, Domestic Workers United Jackie Amezouita, Beyond Care Cooperative Christine Lewis

Laboring American Culture: The Politics and Practices of Studs Terkel, Herbert Gutman, Staughton Lynd, and Archie Green Sean Burns (Chair) - History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz Andrej Grubacic - ZMedia Institute, Sociology, University of San Francisco. Steve Brier - CUNY Al Stein - Consortium for Oral History Educators and a lecturer at Chicago State University

Salty Dog Blues: Documenting the Dismantling of the National Maritime Union Esteban Charlem Bob Blum Brenda Stokely - Black Left Unity Chris Silvera - Teamsters National Black Caucus Rico Speight - Independent Filmmaker Rico Worksh

Can Collective Bargaining Aid Labor’s Economic Recovery? Steve Early (Chair) - Union Activist and writer and Manny Ness (Chair) - Editor, WorkingUSA Ai-Jen Poo - Domestic Workers United Mark Brenner - Labor Notes, “Overview of job loss and restructuring in US manufacturing” Gene Bruskin - campaign for election at Smithfield's Tar Heel Angela Glasper and John Borsos - National Union of Healthcare Workers

The Past, Present and Future of Strikes Aaron Brenner (Chair) - Service Employees International Union Paul Le Blanc - La Roche College Gerald Freidman - University of Massachusetts Amherst Michael Letwin - Association of Legal Aid Attorneys Kim Phillips-Fein - New York University Damone Richardson - United Association for Labor Education

Solidarity Divided: The Crisis of Organized Labor, author meets critic Vivek Chibber (Chair) Jose La Luz - Democratic Socialists of America Bill Fletcher Jr. - Center for Labor Renewal, Black Commentator

Labor Strategy and Tactics for a New Era- A roundtable discussion with labor activists and strikers Christopher Williams - Environmental Science and Physics, Pace University Marvin Holland - Transport Workers Union, Local 100 Kervin Campbell - Kingsbridge Striker, Shop Steward SEIU Local 1199 TBA - Stella D'Oro Striker Megan Behrent - United Federation of Teachers

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 3903 York University Strike: 85 Days of Struggle and Failure Erika Biddle - CUPE 3903 Kelly Fritsch - CUPE 3903 Andrew Thompson - CUPE 3903

Class Struggle and the Crisis: From Workers to Capital and Back Again George Caffentzis (Chair) - Philosophy, University of Southern Maine Silvia Federici - Hofstra University Peter Linebaugh - University of Toledo Monty Neill - Deputy Director of FairTest Eddie Yuen - San Francisco Art Institute

Direct Action Labor Struggle and Social ChangeDaniel Gross (Chair) - Organizer and co-author, "Labor Law for the Rank and Filer: Building Solidarity While Staying Clear of the Law" Luis Carbonel Andrej Grubacic - Radical activist and scholar, co-author most recently of "Wobblies and Zapatistas" Liberte Locke - Organizer, Industrial Workers of the World (Starbucks Campaign)

Rank-and-file rebellions in a time of economic turbulence: Lessons for today from the long 1970s Mike McCarthy (Chair) - Sociology, New York University & United Auto Workers Local 2110 Angela Glasper - National Union of Healthcare Workers Cal Winslow - Fellow in Environmental Politics, University of California at Berkeley Marsha Niemeijer - Longshore Worker's Coalition, staff organizer Marvin Holland - Transport Workers Union Local 100 & founder of The Take Back Our Union Movement Steve Early - Former organizer for the Communication Workers of America and labor journalist




Once More Into the Breach: Radical Film and ArtDennis Broe (chair)- Graduate Coordinator, Media Arts, Long Island University, author of Film Noir, American Workers and Postwar Hollywood Terri Ginsberg - author of Halocaust Film: The Political Aesthetics of Ideology - taught at Rutgers and Dartmouth Paul Grant - New York University, translator Serge Daney's Postcards From the Cinema Francine Tyler - art history, New York University

Poetry and Revolution Steve Bloom - Founder and host of the Activist Poets' Roundtable, NYC Jackie Sheeler - Editor of Off the Cuffs--Poetry by and about the police Angelo Verga - NYC Poet Susan Brennan - NYC Poet Rich Villar - Louderarts poetry collective Sandra Maria Esteves - NYC poet Aziza Zenzile Kinteh - Host, "First Friday on Vine," Philadelphia

Classy Documentaries about Class Struggle Barbara Garson, Chair- "MacBird", "All the Live Long Day" Anne Lewis - "Fast Food Women", "On Our Own Land" George Stoney - "The Uprising of 1934", Film and Cinema Studies, New York University Peter Miller- "The Internationale", "Sacco and Vanzetti"

Left/Independent Publishing Panel Ramsey Kanaan (Chair) Rachel Guidera - The New Press Amy Scholder - Feminist Press Colin Robinson Martin Paddio- monthly review

Photojournalism and the Aesthetics of Suffering: Embedded Versus Unembedded and Sympathy versus Empathy Joel Simpson (Chair) - Curator, Photographer and Critic Anthony Suau - ex-Time photogrpaher Antonin Kratochvil - First place, 2002 World Press photo award Kael Alford - Unembedded photojournalist in Iraq Kate Orne - Brothels and Fundamentalism in Pakistan

Radical Left/International Film Makers Big Noise Collective Members Clifton Ross

Photography: Revealing the Socially Invisible Diane Neumeier (Chair) - Photography, Rutgers; Editor New American Feminist Photographies Donna Ferrato - Love & Lust; Living with the Enemy Mariette Pathy-Allen - The Gender Frontier Hank Willis Thomas - The B(r)anded Series

Anarchist Cinema - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Richard Porton - (Chair) Cineaste editor and author of Film and the Anarchist Imagination Howard Besser - Professor of Cinema Studies and Director of New York University’s Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program Andrew H. Lee - New York University’s Tamiment Library

Videos from Chyng Sun Salty Dog Blues: Documenting the Dismantling of the National Maritime Union Esteban Charlem Bob Blum Brenda Stokely - Black Left Unity Chris Silvera - Teamsters National Black Caucus Rico Speight, Independent Filmmaker: Rico Worksh

SCREENING: The Uprising of ’34 (1995), George Stoney POST-SCREENING DISCUSSION BY GEORGE STONEY chair:Barbara Garson, Author MacBird Anne Lewis, Fast Food Woman, On Our Own Land George Stoney, The Uprising of 1934, New York University Peter Miller, The Internationale, Sacco and Vanzetti

SCREENING: Argentina's Dirty War: Through a Mother's Eyes (2008), Jessica Flores Jessica Flores Mercedes Doretti Luis Beltramino


SCREENING: Morristown: In the Air and Sun (2008), Anne Lewis; and The Internationale (2000), Peter Miller

SCREENING: La Commune (2009), Cécile Clairval-Milhaud INTRODUCED BY INEZ-HEDGES



SCREENING: THE END OF POVERTY? (2008) , Philippe Diaz


SCREENING: OBAMA’S IRAQ (2009), Richard Rowley

SCREENING: Malalai Joya: Enemies of Happiness women rights and the state of occupied Afghanistan Post-screening discussion by Derrick O'Keefe - Editor, rabble.ca Richard Seymour - Author of "The Liberal Defense of Murder"

Paper Tiger Documentary Interviews Left Forum Participants




Understanding the Roots of the “Israel-Palestine conflict” Alan Goodman (Chair) - Contributor to Revolution newspaper Barbara Nimri Aziz - Anthropologist and broadcaster Joel Kovel - Editor, Capitalism Nature Socialism, author of Overcoming Zionism Adam Shapiro - Co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement and co-producer of "Chronicles of a Refugee"

War and Imperialism: The New Turn in the War On Terror- from Afghanistan to Gaza Jennifer Roesch Ashley Smith Michael Schwartz Suzanne Adely

Women’s voices from Iran Joel Simpson, Chair - critic, photographer, curator Christiane Bird - Neither East Nor West: One Woman’s Journey Through the Islamic Republic of Iran (Washington Square Press) Ezzat Goushegir - Medea Was Born in Fallujah (anthologized in Witness magazine), My Name Is Inanna

Looking Back and Moving Forward: A Roundtable on Ending Imperialist Projects in Iraq, the Middle East and South Asia Andor Skotnes & David Applebaum (Co-chairs) Andor Skotnes - History, Law & Government, The Sage Colleges Paddy Quick - Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE) Carl Mirra - Adelphi University Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz - Historians Against the War Regional Mobilizations (Bay Area) Mike Zweig - Center for the Study of Working Class Life, SUNY Stony Brook

Not our war: Afghanistan and the Challenges for the Global Peace Movement Kristin Schall (Chair) - Socialist Party USA (NYC) Sören Söndergaard - Member of the European Parliament from the Danish Left-Green alliance David McReynolds - Veteran of the Peace Movement Jonas Sjostedt - Ex-Member of the European Parliament from the Swedish Left Party, United for Peace and Justice

The Iraq War in Perspective Michael Schwartz - Sociology, State University of New York at Stony Brook, journalist Arun Gupta - The Indypendent Rick Rowley Jeremy Scahill

Gaza: Between Invasion and Resistance - Jews and Arabs Speak Out! Hadas Thier - Israeli anti-Zionist campaigner and Author Yusef Khalil - Lebanese activist Mostafa Omar - Egyptian activist, contributor to "The Struggle for Palestine" Jonah Birch - Anti-Zionist campaigner, New York University Lichi D'Amelio

Building Solidarity with Iraq’s Civil Resistance Houzan Mahmoud (Chair) - Representative Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) Bill Weinberg - World War 4 Report, National Organization for the Iraqi Freedom Struggles Michael Zweig - Economics Professor SUNY Stony Brook, director of the Center for Study of Working Class Life, National Steering Committee, US Labor Against the War

The Role of Scholars and Artists in Palestine Solidarity: The Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel Ryvka Bar Zohar (Chair) - Palestine Education Project Ahmad Shokr - New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel Aaron Winslow - Columbia Palestine Forum

The Future of Israel/Palestine after Gaza Samira Haj (Chair) - Modern Middle East History, CUNY Graduate Center/College of Staten Island Bashir Abu-Manneh - English, Barnard College Norman Finkelstein - Independent scholar, author, "The Holocaust Industry"




A Panel Discussion on Anarchism and Marxism: Responses to Lynd/Grubacic "Wobblies and Zapatistas" Andrej Grubacic (Chair) - Sociology, University of San Francisco Denis O'Hearn - Sociology, Queens College, Belfast Cindy Milstein - Institute for Anarchist Studies Prof. Ziga Vodovnik - University of Ljubljana

Dialectics in Debate David Fasenfest (Chair)- Editor, Critical Sociology, Sociology, Wayne State University Paul Paolucci - Department of Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work, Eastern Kentucky University Alan P. Rudy - Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, Central Michigan University Carrol Cox - Illinois State University Bertell Ollman - Politics, New York University

Remembering Mills: The Sociological Imagination 50 Years Later Stanley Aronowitz (Chair) - CUNY Graduate Center Craig Calhoun - University Professor of the Social Sciences, New York University Bill DiFazio - Sociology, St. John's University Lauren Langman - Sociology, Loyola University

In Praise of Socialist Planning Anwar Shaikh (Chair) - Economics, New School Bertell Ollman - Politics, New York University Raymond Lotta - Maoist political economist and writer David Schweickardt - Philosophy, Loyola University

The Return of Marx: How can Socialism Change the World? Jennifer Roesch (Chair) Paul le Blanc - History, La Roche College Paul D'Amato - Author of "The Meaning of Marxism"

Critical Theory and Democratic Vision: Herbert Marcuse and Recent Liberation Philosophies Rusell Rockwell (Chair) - Independent scholar Arnold Farr - International Marcuse Society, Philosophy, University of Kentucky Andy Lamas - Urban Studies, University of Pennsylvania Charles Reitz - German and Philosophy, Kansas Community College

Revolution and Protest Yesterday and Tomorrow Immanuel Ness (Chair) - Political Science, Brooklyn College, CUNY Walden Bello - Focus on the Global South Francis Fox Piven - Political Science and Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center Kunal Chattopadhyay - History, Jadavpur University, Kolkata Paul Le Blanc - History, La Roche College

Responses to Meszaros' "Challenge and Burden of Historical Time" Irv Kurki- (Chair) Global Self-Management Project Margaret Scarsdale- Writer and social activist. Jay Youngdahl- Labor activist and writer for the East Bay Express. T

he Trend of Chinese Marxism in the 21st Century Chen Xueming (Chair) - Fudan University Wang Fengcai- Fudan University Lu Shaochen - Fudan University

Concretizing Marx's Alternative to Capitalism: A Marxist-Humanist Perspective Ray McKay (Chair) Joshua Howard - CUNY Graduate Center Seth G. Weiss - The New SPACE Anne Jaclard - The New SPACE Andrew Kliman - Economics, Pace University

How Does Marxist-Humanism Speak to Socialism for the 21st Century Franklin Dmitryev (Chair) - News and Letters Committees Susan Van Gelder - "News & Letters" Ron Kelch - Independent scholar Russell Rockwell - Independent scholar

Dialectics of Defeat: Towards a Theory of Historical Regression Ben Blumberg (Chair) - Platypus Affiliated Society Atiya Khan - History, University of Chicago Spencer Leonard - History, University of Chicago Chris Cutrone - University of Chicago Chapter, Platypus Affiliated Society Richard Rubin - Platypus Affiliated Society, Chicago




The De-Stalinization of Chinese Marxism Norman Levine (Chair) - The Institute of International Policy, Phoenix, Arizona Wei Xiaoping - Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing Wang Dong - Philosophy, University of Beijing

China's Contribution to Socialism and Democracy in the 21st Century Sidney J. Gluck (Chair) - US-China Society of Friends Al Abati - US-China People's Friendship Association Martin Gittelman - Served as Consultant to Ministry of Public Health for the People's Republic of China Li Bailing - Central Compilation & Translation Bureau of CPC Li Zizi (Discussant)- Central Compilation & Translation Bureau of CPC

China in the Global Crisis of Capitalism: A Turning point? Peter Kwong (Chair) - Asian American Studies, Hunter College Michael Hudson - University of Missouri, Kansas Pao-yu Ching - Economist and Author Ben Mah - Professional investor and author Xulin Dong - China Study Group Andrew Ross - Sociology and Cultural Analysis, NYU Michael Hudson, University of Missouri, Kansas THE RELATION BETWEEN CHINESE REFORM AND THE OPENING UP OF MARXISM Chen Xueming, Fudan University Wang Fengeai, Fudan University Lu Shaochen, Fudan University

South Asia Globalizing: What Ruling Classes Do When They RulePrachi Patankar (Chair) - Member of Organizing Collective, South Asian Solidarity Initiative (SASI) Vijay Prashad - George and Martha Kellner Chair in South Asian History and Professor of International Studies at Trinity College Sahar Shafqat - Associate Professor of Political Science, St. Mary's College of Maryland, member of Action for a Progressive Pakistan and member of Organizing Collective, SASI Ahilan Kadirgamar - Steering Committee Member of Sri Lanka Democracy Forum, contributing editor of Himal Southasian and member of Organizing Collective, SASI Balmurli Natrajan - Assistant Professor of Anthropology, William Paterson University of New Jersey, member of Campaign to Stop Funding Hate and Member of Organizing Collective, SASI

Rethinking the “most dangerous place in the world”: The war on terror in PakistanDavid Van Arsdale (Chair)- Sociology, CUNY Saadia Toor - Sociology, College of Staten Island, Action for a Progressive Pakistan Rakhshanda Saleem - Counseling and Psychology, Lesley University, Pyschiatry, Harvard Medical School, Action for a Progressive Pakistan Madiha Tahir - Freelance Journalist, Columbia University, Action for a Progressive Pakistan Sofia Checa - graduate student, Sociology, University of Mass. Amherst, Action for a Progressive Pakistan Sahar Shafqat - Political Science, St. Mary's College of Maryland, Action for a Progressive Pakistan Manan Ahmad

The Chinese Model of Development Norman Levine (Chair) - The Institute of International Policy, Phoenix, Arizona Hao Lixin - Philosophy, Renmin University, Beijing Qin Xuan - School of Marxism, Renmin University, Beijing Liang Shufa - School of Marxism, Renmin University, Beijing

Control and Discipline in Modern China Joseph Tse-Hei Lee (Chair) - Pace University Klaus Muehlhahn - Indiana University Yamin Xu - La Moyne College Zhao Ma - SUNY Fredonia

China in the face of Deepening Crisis of Globalized Capitalism Peter Kwong (chair), Hunter college, CUNY Pao-Yu Ching, Author, Globalization and Crisis of Capitalism Henry C. K. Liu (Chair) - Liu investment Group, NYC Michael Hudson - University of Missouri, Kansas Ben Mah - Professional investor and author Zhang Hongliang - Finance, Minzu University, Beijing, China

Political Economy of Contemporary India Jinee Lokaneeta (Chair) - Drew University Amit Basole - University of Massachusetts, Amherst Nandini Chandra - University of Minnesota Kuver Sinha - Texas A&M University Deepankar Basu

Marxist and other left perspectives on the future of the Chinese political economy Norman Levine (Chair) - The Institute of International Policy Wei Xiaoping - History of Marxism Philosophy, Philosophy Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences John E. Roemer - Political Science and Economics, Yale University




Exposing the Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline and the Systematic Destruction of Poor Black and Latino Families in New York City Rolando Bini (Chair) - Parents in Action Miriam Antoine - Parents in Action Evan Clealand - People Power Coalition Cristal Flores - Parents in Action

Empowerment in Chinese American Communities- Then and Now Peter Kwong (Chair) - Asian American Studies, Hunter College Actors from Paper Angels Pace/Chinatown Coalition membrers

Grassroots Organizing Daniel Gross - Co-author, Labor Law for the Rank and File Andrea Gibbons Gary Phillips Gilda Haas

Building Strategies for Meaningful Local Development David Fasenfest (Chair) - Critical Sociology, Sociology, Wayne State University Gregory Hicks - Detroit Community Activist William H. Brow - Mid America Medical Center District Neighborhood Redevelopment Corporation Gwen Mills - Connecticut Center for a New Economy Heather Mooney - Washtenaw County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Specialist




Turning Points in Building Progressive Majority and Advancing a Vision of SocialismMark Solomon (Chair) - Emeritus History, Simmons College Carl Davidson - Field organizer, Solidarity Economy Network & National Steering Committee Member, United for Peace & Justice Renee Carter - Physician, National Coordinating Committee, CCDS Committee/California Nurses Association - AFL-CIO & National Coordinating Committee, CCDS Carl Bloice - "Black Commentator" & National Coordinating Committee, CCDS

From the New School Occupation to Our Political Moment Emma Bunkley - New School Graduate Student, RSU Member Eric Eingold - New School Graduate Student, RSU Member Atlee McFellin - New School Graduate Student, RSU Member Dave Shukla - New School Graduate Student, RSU Member Kyle Reaves - Eugene Lang Student, RSU Member Yotam Marom- New School General Studies, RSU Member Sam G. Lewis- Eugene Lang, New School Free Press Photographer

Rebel CUNY: Legacy of People's Struggle Hank Williams (Chair) - Africana Studies Group (CUNY Graduate Center) Ateo Laureano Peruyero Bracero - Queens College, Student and Nuyerorican Activist Freddy Bastone - Hunter College, Student and a member of the Hunter Student Union Robyn Tang - Hunter College Student, Hunter Student Union member and artist

The Challenge of Right-Wing Populism in Northern Core Capitalist Countries: Differences, Similarities, and Labor Movement Counter-Strategies Ingar Solty - Political Science, York University, Toronto Sam Putinja - York University, former shop steward & Teamster for a Democratic Union Leo Panitch - York University, Toronto

Theorizing Radical Democracy Ashley Dawson (Chair) -Graduate Center, City University of New York Mike Menser - Brooklyn College, City University of New York Christina Schiavoni - World Hunger Year

Left Strategy from the Grassroots Harmony Goldberg (Chair) - CUNY Graduate Center Steve Williams - POWER (People Organized to Win Employment Rights), Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Ai-jen Poo - Domestic Workers United Marisa Franco- Right to the City Alliance Willie Baptist - Union Theological Seminary Poverty Initiative Gihan Perera- Miami Workers Center, Right to the City Alliance

To Quell and Expel: Challenging the Police State Abby Scher (Chair) - The Public Eye Annette Dickerson - Director of Education and Outreach, Center for Constitutional Rights Manisha Vaze - Anti-Deportation Organizer, Families for Freedom Thomas Cincotta - Domestic Surveillance Project Director

What Has the World Social Forum Accomplished? Thomas Ponniah (Chair) - Social Studies, Harvard University Heather Gautney - Sociology & Anthropology, Fordham University Walda Katz-Fishman - Sociology, Howard University Lauren Langman - Sociology, Loyola University Jerome Scott - Project South Walden Bello - Focus on the Global South

Building New Social Relations: Prefigurative Politics in Movements Andrew Cornell (Chair) - American Studies, New York University Cindy Milstein - Institute for Anarchist Studies Chris Dixon -History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz Deborah Gould - Sociology, University of Pittsburgh Harjit Singh Gill- Institute for Anarchist Studies

The struggle at Six Nations and the politics of settler-indigenous solidarity Melissa Elliott -(Tuscarora), Six Nations activist Rhonda Martin Hill - (Mohawk), Six Nations activist Tom Keefer - non-native indigenous solidarity activist

For Leadership and Human Rights Nicola Nicolosi - Director, European Secretariat, General Confederation of Italian Labor Andrea Montagni - Vice President, General Confederation of Italian Labor Steve Lerner - Director, Property Services Division, Service Employees International Union

A Collaborative Multi-national Democracy Workshop: Building a Hemispheric Economy Jamie McClelland and Mallory Knodel (Chairs) - May 1st/People Link Alfredo Lopez - May 1st/People Link Makani Themba - the Praxis Project

The Internet: Humanity's Revolutionary Initiative Alfredo Lopez - May First/People Link Makani Themba - the Praxis Project others TBA

HOW DO WE CREATE A NEW WORLD: Do we help save the old dying world, or do we help speed up its certain death? Curtis Muhammad (Chair) - International School for Bottom-Up Organizing (ISBO), Jamaica Martha M. Vega - Caribbean Cultural Center, New York John Javier Ramos - Soporte Klan and Fundacion Villa Rica, Colombia Yvonne Mowforth - People's Uprising Committee, Jamaica

A Networking Session for Radical Movement Centers Liz Mestres (Chair) - Brecht Forum Suren Moodliar - Mass. global action Kazembe Balagun - Brecht Forum Mary Boger others TBA

Global Struggle for Democratic Control of Corporations in Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster Carolyn Toll Oppenheim (Chair) - Organizer, Shays 2: Western Mass. Committee on Corporations & Democracy Jeffrey Thomson - National Lawyers Guild Northeast Joel Kupferman - New York Environmental Law & Justice Center Ward Morehouse - National Lawyers Guild Committee on the Corporation, the Constitution & Human Rights H. Rajan Sharma - Attorney representing Bhopal Survivors in the US District Court Aquene Freechild- International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal

Activists and the Current Crisis Barbara Epstein (Chair) - History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz Rusti Eisenberg - Historians Against the War Sam Gindin - Political Science, York University Richard Healey - Director of the Grassroots Policy Project Ai-jen Poo - Domestic Workers United John Clarke, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

Politics of the Contemporary Student Left: Hope and Failures Alexander L. Hanna (Chair) - former organizer, United Students Against Sweatshops Atlee McFellin - New School Radical Student Union Pam Nogales - Platypus Affiliated Society C. J. Pereira Di Salvo - Former organizer, United Students Against Sweatshops Laurie Rojas-Arts Journalism from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

From the Barrio to the Barricades: Visions of a Better World Frank Fried (Chair)- President, Daniel Singer Millennium Prize Foundation Margaret Morganroth Gullette - Women's Studies Research Center, Brandeis University Hugo Radice - Politics and International Studies, Leeds University Fred Magdoff - Professor Emeritus, University of Vermont Sam Farber - Emeritus, Brooklyn College Frances Fox Piven - Political Science, Graduate Center, CUNY

Student Organizing in a New Era - A roundtable discussion for mobilizing students against Budget Cuts and War Conar Thomas - Campus Anti-War Network, City College of New York Ryan Acuff - Students for a Democratic Society, University of Rochester Leia Petty - International Socialist Organization, Brooklyn College Meaghan Linick - Radical Student Union, New School Ellie Kahn- Take Back NYU!, NYU Matan Cohen- Students for Justice in Palestine, Hampshire College

Solidarity Economy: Building Alternatives for People and Planet Carl Davidson - Organizing Committee, Global Studies Association Jenna Allard - Solidarity Economy Network, Massachusetts Maliha Safri - Economics, Drew University Pasqualino Colombaro - Global Economic Alternatives Network (GEAN) Peter Ranis - Political Science, CUNY Graduate Center

Rhizomic Democracy Ashley Dawson (Chair) - English Department, CUNY Graduate Center Christina Schiavoni - International Coordinator at World Hunger Year Mike Menser - Philosophy Department, Brooklyn College, Member of Rock Dove Collective/NYC

Women, Youth and the Solidarity Economy, Local and Global Terri Bennett - Earth and Environmental Studies, CUNY Graduate Student Jenna Allard - Growing the Green Economy, member, U.S. Solidarity Economy Network coordinating committee Mike Menser - Philosophy Department, Brooklyn College

Radical Organizing: Challenges and Successes Camilo Viveiros (Chair) - Labor Education Center, UMass Dartmouth, MA Steve Meachum - tenant organizing coordinator City Life/Vida Urbana, Boston, MA Peoples Organization for Progress, Newark, NJ Oscar Dominguez, Movement for Justice in El Barrio, East Harlem, NY Helena Wong, Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence (NYC) Yeshimabeit Milner, youth organizer, Power U (Miami, FL)

Is the Left Ready for a New Political Party Michael Pelias (Chair) - Philosophy, Long Island University, Brooklyn Jean Bond Bill DiFazio - Sociology, St. Johns, host, WBAI "City Watch", author of "Ordinary Poverty" Michael Joseph Roberto - History, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

How Occupation Works Ayreen Anastas (Chair) Kurt Hill - People's fire house Father Frank Morales and Jerry the Peddler - Squatting Movement of the Lower East Side Olive Mckeon - NYU occupation Lynn Owens - Sociologist and Friends from Picture the homeless Take Back NYU : Ellie Kahn, Drew Phillips and Olive Mckeon New School in Exile: John Clegg

Long Term Strategies for the Left Michael Albert - Znet Bill Fletcher, Jr. - Center for Labor Renewal, Black Commentator Barbara Epstein - History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz Stanley Aronowitz - CUNY Graduate Center



Teaching War and Peace in the Classroom Roger Salerno (Chair) - Pace University, Sociology Satish Kolluri (Chair) - Communications, Pace University Aseel Sawalha - Anthropology, Pace University Frances Delahanty - Psychology, Pace University

Building Power Through Educational Justice Whitney Richards-Calathes (Chair) - parent organizer, Cypress Hills Advocates for Education Claudia Martinez - youth organizer, Future of Tomorrow Anzhela Mordyga - youth, Future of Tomorrow Sarah Landes - youth organizer, Make the Road NY Zakiyah Ansari - parent organizer, Alliance for Quality Education Ocynthia Williams - parent, United Parents of Highbridge Lenore Brown - parent, Cypress Hills Advocates for Education

The Criminalization of People with Psychiatric Disabilities Alexandra Smith (Chair) - Coordinator of MHASC, Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities (RIPPD) Member Mary Dougherty - RIPPD Leah Gitter - RIPPD Myra Hutchinson - RIPPD, MHASC, Family Member Gregory James - RIPPD David Newton - RIPPD Kyle Nesbitt - RIPPD Lisa Ortega - Organizer, RIPPD

Teaching Immigrants and Immigration Susan O’Malley (Chair) Alan Aja Patricia Buck Natalie Brown

Teaching in Bad Times Richard Ohmann (Chair) - "Politics of Knowledge", Radical Teacher Linda Dittmar, "From Hanoi to Hollywood" Ira Shor, CUNY Graduate Center Steve Fraser, NYU, author Shana Agid- Director of Academic Projects at Parsons the New School for Design, and Art Director for Radical Teacher

Teaching Popular Economics Chris Sturr (Chair)- Dollars & Sense Ken Nash, Building Bridges, WBAI Cecilia Rio - Economy/Women's Studies, Towson University Gerald Friedman - Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Amy Gluckman - Dollars & Sense Magazine

Campus Responsible Investment Movements Cheyenna Weber (Chair) - Responsible Endowments Coalition Dave Shukla - UCLA, Students for a Democratic Society Chloe Ciccariello - Columbia University Jay Cassano - Hampshire College

Housing: A Basic Human Right Dale Laurin (Chair) - Aesthetic Realism consultant and registered architect Ken Kimmelman - Aesthetic Realism consultant and filmmaker Barbara Buehler - Associate city planner of the Technical Review Section of the NYC Department of Planning Anthony Romeo - Capital and Facilities Management, Queensborough Library system

Defeating the Persistent Assaults on Social Insurance Sid Socolar (Chair) - National Programs Committee, Rekindling Reform William Arnone - Founding member, National Academy of Social Insurance Michealle Carpenter - Deputy Policy Director and Counsel, Medicare Rights Center Theodore Marmor - Emeritus Professor of Public Policy, Management, and Political Science, Yale University Leonard Rodberg - Chair, Urban Studies, Queens College, CUNY

The Practice of Teaching. Researching and Writing on Elite Deviance in the Higher Education Context Dr. William Calathes (Chair) - Criminal Justice, New Jersey City University Juan Diaz - New Jersey City University student Carlos Ciro - New Jersey City University student Rebecca Hall - New Jersey City University student

Turning Up the Heat for Single Payer Health Care at this Political Turning Point Martha Livingston (Chair) - SUNY College, Old Westbury Physicians for a National Health Program, New York-Metro Chapter Oliver Fein Cassandra Barnette Donnelly Katie Robbins Billy Wharton

Health Care Reform: Building Left Unity is Critical Mark Hannay and Sid Socolar (Chairs) Rachel DeGolia Becky Martin Nick Unger

Public Education, Gentrification, and Privatization Donna Nevel (Chair) - community psychologist and popular educator Sally Lee - Teachers Unite Edwin Mayorga - New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE) Ujju Aggarwal and Perla Placencia - Center for Immigrant Families (CIF) Jessica Ruglis - Institute for Participatory Action Research and Design Tara Mack - Education for Liberation Network

The Housing Crisis and the Possibilities for Resistance Sam J. Miller - Picture the Homeless

Universities in (the) Crisis: Class Contradictions in Higher Education Jack Amariglio (Chair) - Professor of Economics, Merrimack College, and former editor of Rethinking Marxism David Kristjanson-Gural - Economics, Bucknell Rana Jaleel - NYU, Graduate Student Organizing Committee (GSOC)-UAW Zach Schwartz-Weinstein - NYU GSOC-UAW Sarah Stookey - Associate Professor of Management, Central Connecticut State University Catherine P. Mulder - Washington College, Department of Economics



The Street Children of Tegucigalpa: Teenage Gangs, Child Labor, Family Disintegration, and the Failed Washington Consensus Paul Hancock (Chair) - Economics, Green Mountain College José Tulio Galvés Contréras Cecilia Kline - scholar and activist, former ombudswoman at Casa Alianza Honduras

Venezuela’s Impact on Latin America Clara Irazabal (Chair) - Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, Columbia University Edgardo Lander - Universidad Central de Venezuela William I. Robinson - UC Santa Barbara, author of "Latin America and Global Capitalism" Carol Delgado - Consul General of Venezuela in New York

Where is Venezuela Heading? Clara Irazabal (Chair) - Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University Steve Ellner - Political Science, University de Oriente, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela Gregory Wilpert - Brooklyn College, author of "Changing Venezuela by Taking Power" Sujatha Fernandes - Sociology, Queens College, CUNY

Dependency Theory revisited: elements for a critical interpretation of the new-developmentism in Latin American governments Fernando Corrêa Prado - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Posgrado en Estudios Latinoamericanos Ciudad Universitaria Monika Ribeiro de Freitas Meireles - Latin-America Social Thought, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Not Just Change, but Justice: Taking on U.S. Latin America Policy in the Obama Era Christy Thornton (Chair) - NACLA Greg Grandin - Professor of History, NYU Mark Weisbrot - Director, Center for Economic and Policy Research Mario Murillo - Associate Professor, Radio, Television, Film, Hofstra University Barbara Weinstein - Professor of History, NYU William I Robinson - Professor of Sociology, UC Santa Barbara

Beyond the Links of Repression: from Chile to the US Victor Toro (Chair) - Vamos a la PeÒa del Bronx Nieves Ayress-Moreno - human rights activist Bill Weinberg - World War 4 Report, author of "Homage to Chiapas: The New Indigenous Struggles in Mexico"

Social Struggles, Political Conflicts, Democracy in Latin America Hobart Spalding (Chair) Carlos Vilas - Political Science, Universidad Nacional Lanus in Buenos Aires, Argentina Margarita Lope - Universidad Central de Venezuela, author of “The Rise and Rule of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela” Emelio Betances - Sociology/Anthropology, Latin American Studies, Gettysburg College

The Puerto Rican Reality: The Duality of the anti-colonial struggle Ana M. Lopez (Chair)- Humanities, Hostos Community College Aleida Centeno Rodriguez, Esq. - Frente Patriotico de Arecibo, PR (environment and militarizaiton) Julio A Rosado - Pro-Independence activist and leader of Movimiento de Liberacion Nacional-PR Elizam Escobar - former political prisoner, artist, Visual Arts, University of Puerto Rico Lytza Colon - Community Organizer in the South Bronx, member Community CLB Liliana Laboy - Community leader and Spokesperson for Mesa de Solidaridad (Against Repression) Norberto Clinton Fiallo - labor organizer, president of Latin American Caribbean Coordinator of Puerto Rico (CCLPR)

Cuba 2009: A Turning Point? Steve Briar (Chair) - Provost, CUNY Grad Center James Cockcroft - State University of New York Samuel Farber - CUNY Saul Landau - Fellow, Institute for Policy Studies

Indigenous Mobilization in South America Gerardo Renique (Chair) - CCNY-CUNY, Historian, Author and editor Hugo Blanco - Peasant leader, former political prisioner and currently editor of "Lucha Indigena" Silvia Rivera - Bolivian anthropologist, historian and activist, founder of the Taller de Historia Oral Andina Marc Becker - Professor of History, Truman State University

Indigenous activism, the new constitution, and political conflict in Bolivia Jack Hammond (Chair) - Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center Pablo Solón - Bolivian ambasador to the UN Greg Grandin - History, New York University Sinclair Thomson - History, New York University



New Left Party Formations in Europe: The Global Crisis of Neoliberalism and New Openings Rainer Rilling (chair)- Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Germany Raquel Garrido - Parti de Gauche, France Katja Kipping - Die LINKE, Germany Nicola Nicolosi - Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, Italy Katherine Weissbach - Dutch Socialist Party, Berlin Elena Papadopoulu, New Poulantzas Foundation, greece

Making sense of the Greek uprising Costas Panayotakis (Chair)- New York City College of Technology Andreas Kalyvas - The New School Peter Bratsis - Salford University Stathis Gourgouris - Columbia University Neni Panourgia - Columbia University

European Perspectives on Obama Chrystel Le Moing (Chair) Daniel Cirera - expert on international issues, General Secretary of the Scientific Council of the Gabriel Peri Foundation John Mason - Political Science, William Paterson University, New-Jersey Martin Shain - Politics, New York University Professor Richard (Dick) Howard

Victor Serge Read-In: Stop Political Terror in Russia James Hoberman - book critic for Village Voice, currently reviewing Serge’s Unforgiving Years for New York Review of Books Luc Sante - writer and critic, Bard College James Brook - poet and translator, Englished Serge’s book of poems Resistance (City Lights 1990) Jenny Greeman - New Perspectives Theater Edwin Frank - essayist and publisher, edits Serge at New York Review Books Classics.

Regroupment of the European Radical Left Sebastian Budgen (Chair)- Historical Materialism Journal Cinzia Arruzza - Sinistra Critica, Italy Katja Kipping - Die Linke, Germany Leon Cremieux - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste, France Oliver Nachtwey - Die Linke, Germany




Pace Friday Student Panels, Friday 1:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

1:00 P.M. – 2:00 P.M. Genocide and Human Rights Christina Piechowski - Pace University student Kasie Lambertson - Pace University student Amanda Ferrandino - Pace University student

2:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M. Comparative Race and Gender in the U.S. and South Africa Christopher Malone and Meghana Nayak (Co-Chairs) - Political Science, Pace University Taylor McHugh - Pace University student Alejandra Lopez - Pace University student Lorendra Pinder - Pace University student

3:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M. Creating a Civil Rights Agenda Post-Proposition 8 Dr. Meghana Nayak (Chair) - Political Science, Pace University Taylor McHugh - Pace University student Alejandra Lopez - Pace University student Lorendra Pinder - Pace University student

4:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. Hyper-Consumption and the Failure of Capitalism Roger Salerno (Chair) - Sociology/Anthropology Pace University Caitlin Gulliford - Pace University student Rosemary Hudson - Pace University student Marell Ellis - Pace University student Fred Wolf - Pace University student Natasha Teixeira - Pace University student

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