2012 Opening Plenary

Left Forum 2012 Conference

Friday, March 16th 6:30 pm
Pace University's Schimmel Theater
1 Pace Plaza, New York, New York

Nnimmo Bassey

Special Appearance: Nnimmo Bassey is the Executive Director of Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth, Nigeria and Chair of Friends of the Earth International. He also coordinates Oilwatch International, a global South network that campaigns against human and environmental abuses related to the oil and gas extractive activities. He co-founded the Environmental Rights Action (ERA) in 1993 in response to widespread environmental degradation and human rights abuses in Nigeria. Bassey has authored books on the environment, architecture/management and poetry. His poetry collections include We Thought It Was Oil But It Was Blood (2002) and I will Not Dance to Your Beat (Kraft Books, 2011). His latest book, To Cook a Continent (Pambazuka Press, 2012) deals with destructive extractive activities and the climate crisis in Africa. He was a recipient of the 2010 Right Livelihood Award also known as the "Alternative Noble Prize."


RoseAnn DeMoro is executive director of the National Nurses United, the nation's largest union of nurses. DeMoro is also executive director of the California Nurses Association, which is well known for igniting the campaign that upended one of the world's most famous celebrity politicians, Arnold Schwarzenegger, dropping his public approval from 70% to 35% in the polls. Under DeMoro's stewardship, NNU and CNA is also renown as the leading national advocates of single payer/Medicare for all healthcare reform. Over the past year, NNU has led a national campaign calling for a tax on Wall Street also known as the Robin Hood tax and has supported the Occupy Wall Street movement with nurses first aid stations from New York to San Francisco.

Rose Ann DeMoro
Marina Sitrin

Marina Sitrin has been active in occupy movements worldwide. She is the editor of Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina and author of Everyday Revolutions: Horizontalism and Autonomy in Argentina (forthcoming). She is a lawyer and postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Globalization and Social Change at the City University of New York. She is also a student, teacher, dreamer and militant. Her books touch upon issues of state practices of cooptation and repression in relation to social movement mobilizations to build autonomy and direct democracy.

William Strickland spent his early years of political activism working as the Executive Director of the Northern Student Movement, the northern analogue of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee; working for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; and working on the Harlem rent strikes in the 1960s. During this time, Strickland also worked with Malcolm X, whom he knew from his childhood days. A graduate of Boston Latin School, Harvard College, Harvard University, he currently is the Director of the Du Bois Papers Collection at W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he also teaches political science.

William Strickland
William Tabb

William Tabb is the author of The Restructuring of Capitalism in Our Time (Columbia University Press, 2012), Economic Governance in the Age of Globalization (Columbia University Press, 2004), and The Amoral Elephant: Globalization and the Struggle for Social Justice in the Twenty-First Century (Monthly Review Press, 2001). He taught economics at Queens College and economics, political science and sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center. Bill has been Visiting Scholar at Kansai University, Osaka, Japan, Visiting Professor Economics at University of California, Berkeley, and founding host and for many years did the "Behind the Economic News" program at WBAI Pacifica Radio.


Moderator: Stanley Aronowitz is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at CUNY Graduate Center, where he is Director of The Center for the Study of Culture, Technology and Work. He has taught at Staten Island Community College, University of California-Irvine, University of Paris, Columbia University, and University of Wisconsin. After working in metalworking factories in New York and New Jersey, Aronowitz became a union organizer for the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers' Union. He is Founding Editor of Social Text and Situations, and serves on the Editorial Board of Ethnography; Cultural Critique. He has authored and edited 26 books, including False Promises (1973), Science as Power (1988), Roll Over Beethoven (1993), How Class Works (2003), Just Around the Corner: The Paradox of the Jobless Recovery (2005) and Left Turn: Forging a New Political Future (2006). His latest book, Taking it Big C.Wright Mills and the Making of Political Intellectuals, is due out in spring 2012.

Stanley Aronowitz

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Left Forum 2012
March 16th-18th
Pace University's Schimmel Theater
1 Pace Plaza, New York, New York

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