Africa and 21st Century Governance and Security Challenges. Prospects for Ecological and Economic Transformation on the African Continent.

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Session 7 W619 Sun 03:00pm - 04:50pm
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As the AU/OAU celebrates its first 50 years of existence, it is of paramount importance to look into the economic and ecological challenges facing the continent, the implications of these challenges for years to come. Central to the Panel's discussion is the role of Women, Youth, African intellectuals and Africans in the Diaspora as effective agents for transformation. Women and the Youth in particular, face ongoing marginalization through religion, tradition, ageism, gender discrimination, and by authoritarian regimes and Africa's economic and ecological interests for personal enrichment and power. A crisis of governance and security has enveloped most African countries including States across the Sahelian region of West Africa with major implications for Mali, Nigeria, Algeria, Mauritania, Libya, Niger, Sudan, Chad, Somalia and Ethiopia. Meanwhile, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, etc, remain mired in serious political upheavals or war. Many more countries such as Rwanda, Uganda are faced authoritarian and despotic regimes. Africa's economic and ecological interests are at the mercy of personal enrichment and power. Our panel will discuss means of creating an enabling environment, ideas or framework for collective response and an agenda for solidarity and transformational action.
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Political Economy And The Current Crisis


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