The African Diaspora Re-Engaging with Africa

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Session 6 W618 Sun 12:00pm - 01:50pm
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Africa is moving forward and with it are bright and innovative Africans in the Diaspora who are positioning themselves to take a creative, critical and concrete role in the development of Africa. The African Diaspora is slowly walking away from the idealized and romantic vision of “fixing” Africa and are grappling with the reality of their role in building a stronger, and “rich” Africa. There should be no illusion about the tension between Africans on the continent and the African Diaspora. In this panel, we seek to first explore who constitutes of Diasporan Africans, and if that differs from what has been termed as “ Africans living in the Diaspora”. Secondly, the panel will explore ways that the Diaspora can engage or re-engage with Africa. This panel will constructively seek to answer the questions of: 1. How the Africans in the Diaspora can constructively be engaged with Africa? 2. What the African Diaspora can learn from countries such as China, as they continue to engage Africa economically 3. What is their role in changing the way the world engages with Africa?
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Political And Social Movements
Political Economy


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