An Appeal from Aronowitz, Piven and Wolff

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Francis Fox PivenFrancis Fox PivenFrancis Fox Piven

January 2013


Dear friends,

Was Hurricane Sandy a random,” once-in-a-generation" freak event? If you are reading this letter, you are a friend of Left Forum, and friends like you know better. Much better.

From toxic pollution to droughts worsened by global warming, the evidence is clear, our world is in peril. The prevailing economic system, capitalism, is at war with the natural environment, which sustains life, and capitalism is winning. A massive environmental crisis is converging with an economic crisis of tragic proportions. Structural unemployment, grossly unequal wealth distribution, resource wars, displacement, and impoverishment are accelerating. The evidence demands that we urgently transform our society and economy and transition to different systems far more respectful of nature, human solidarity and community.

We are not without hope. New forms of anti-capitalist resistance are emerging, people are experimenting with cooperative economic organization, and mass movements against austerity, authoritarianism, and environmental degradation are mobilizing. Amidst the devastation, people are struggling for a better, more democratic world.

The 2013 Left Forum will focus on the fraught relationships between economy, nature, and community in capitalist societies to examine how and why capitalism led to the current environmental impasse (that traditional socialism could not prevent either), and what economic, political cultural changes are needed to overcome it.

We are lining up a stellar group of speakers to address the looming "eco-cide" of late capitalist development, and to explore radical proposals and strategies towards a more sustainable alternative.

And we need your help- your support, your participation, and your ideas- more than ever.

Each year over the last eight years, the Left Forum has grown, with recent attendance averaging 3,000 people. Left Forum is a unique event, the premier annual conference in the United States of progressive scholars and community and social justice leaders and activists from around world. We come together to engage new ideas and analysis, and to debate and dialogue across a wide variety of issues concerning social justice, the environment, culture, art, economics, politics, science and more

 Our conference is produced entirely from admission fees, which we work very hard to keep low to encourage the widest participation. We are a non-profit, all volunteer board. We rely on the support of our community to organize the conference. Won't you consider making a generous (tax deductible) contribution, by writing a check and placing it in the encl envelope today?


             Stanley Aronowitz                               Frances Fox Piven                                                                 Richard D. Wolf


Your support in any amount is tremendously appreciated and needed. Contributions of $150 or more will receive a free pass to Left Forum 2013.  To contribute to Left Forum, please click one of the price categories below:

You can also make out a check to 'CUNY Foundation/Left Forum 2013 and mail it to:

Left Forum c/o PhD Program in Sociology
CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Ave., New York, NY 10016

Thank you so much for your support and we hope to see you at the Forum.

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