Crisis and the Left in Europe: The Cases of Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain

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Session 6 W626 Sun 12:00pm - 01:50pm
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Syriza, has an appointment with the history of the Left in Europe or so it was thought when in past June Syriza, the Coalition of the Radical Left came close to claiming an electoral victory in Greece. Yet, it has been repeatedly acknowledged, first and foremost by Syriza itself that one swallow does not a summer make. Even if the Greek people vote a left government into office without a radical left strategy in the core as well as in the periphery of Europe against austerity and the onslaughts of neoliberalism any successes on a single-state-basis would be limited if not inconsequential. The panel addresses the current economic, social and political crisis in Europe precisely at this junction while providing information and analysis on recent developments in Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain. Against the separatist policies of isolationism enforced by the EU and the dangers of the nationalist backlash currently on the rise the panel critically addresses the challenges as well as the possibilities for a left response to the relentless pressures on labor, the welfare state and the living standards of the European working classes. The panel underscores the need to re-imagine Europe on the basis of truly democratic and radical political thinking.
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AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement and Campaign for Peace and Democracy
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Social movement and left organization


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