Engaging the African Youth and Young Professionals in Africa's Sustainable Development in the 21st Century.

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Session 5 W619 Sun 10:00am - 11:50am
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African political leadership is at a crossroads. As Africa grows economically, Africans across the continent and in the Diaspora seek new ways to engage with each other. This panel explores the role of African youth in Africa and in the Diaspora as agents of political and economic transformation of continental and Diaspora Africans. The panel seeks to challenge purveyors of global inequality and the assigned role of Africa as "Final Frontier." The age of technological and social innovations make the interaction of African Youth in Africa and in the Diaspora much easier and more possible and should be explored or exploited much more than is currently the case across geography, gender and cultures to address global economic, labor and trade inequality while participating in helping to fashion grassroots, bottom up solutions globally.
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Political And Social Movements
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Social movement and left organization


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