Latin America Rises Up: Resistance to Mega Mining Across the Americas

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Session 6 E310 Sun 12:00pm - 01:50pm
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Latin American countries have been historically decimated by foreign exploitation of their natural resources. Most recently, Free Trade Agreements negotiated throughout the region have allowed the US and other powers to invest heavily in extractive industries in Latin America, particularly in the rapidly-growing mining sector. The consequences for local communities and their natural environment have been disastrous and have contributed to human rights violations, displacement, destruction of ecosystems, and have exacerbated economic inequalities. But communities are resisting—organizing creatively and demanding protection of their social, political and environmental rights. Come learn about the impacts of multinational investment in the region, how networks of activists are supporting community resistance to the exploitation of their lands and how you can get involved. Case studies from El Salvador, Guatemala and Colombia will be examined.
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Latin America
Political And Social Movements
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Social movement and left organization


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