Left Forum 2013: June 7th - 9th, Pace University, New York City

Left Forum has a new dateAfter almost a decade of spring conferences and growth, Left Forum is moving from spring to early summer, June 7th - 9th. The location remains the same, Pace University, next to City Hall Park, New York City.
Why the date changed: Coming each year during Spring Break weekend, this year's break fell on Easter. The challenges of organizing the conference on Easter Sunday plus the opportunity to accommodate the growth of this unique global convergence helped inspire the move.
Highlights of the move: The new date will enable panels and events to be organized through the spring semester cycle making it easier on panelists and attendees alike.This will make for a richer intellectual and activist conference experience.




What to expect: Please check back at leftforum.org, for updates on the conference theme, plenary speaker announcements, panel and workshop descriptions, panel proposals, early registration and more.


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Left Forum 2013 
June 7th - 9th 
Pace University
1 Pace Plaza, NYC

leftforum.org | leftforum@leftforum.org 



Photographs by Joel Simpson

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