Videos From Plenary and Lunch Time Sessions

Left Forum 2012 Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped make Left Forum 2012 possible.  With 4,500 people in attendance this was the largest forum yet.

You can see a sampling of conference events and activism below as we present videos from the plenary sessions and stand-alone auditorium events.

Opening PlenarySee Panels OnlineMichael Moore InterviewClosing PlenaryLeft Forum Panel TracksLeft Forum 2012 ThemeEvents at Left ForumLeft Forum 2012 ThemeVoices from Occupy Wall Street: Voices from Left Forum

In addition to posting more new videos covering the panels and events, we hope to expand the website’s networking and dialogue making capacities. 

As such, conference participants, panelists, panel organizers, and the interested public would be able to engage pre-conference panel dialogues, expand each other’s organizational connections, seek broad based panel participation, connect to panelists videos, websites and blogs, list and print/download priority panel choices for each session, and much more.

Please consider volunteering your time to help build Left Forum's digital, video, social media and networking capabilities. Email us at or get more information here.

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