Occupy the System: Confronting Global Capitalism

Voices from Occupy Wall Street: Voices from Left Forum

Conference organizers and volunteers recently interviewed participants in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The interviews featured here explore what the occupations are, how they confront capitalism, and what it means to occupy a system.

Along with the Occupy interviews we include video clips from a few of the many speakers who have been a part of the Left Forum and have spoken on capitalism and occupations.

Upon finding everything from uncertainty to insight and skepticism as to what the term capitalism means, we wanted to convey the following point, which also reflects our own learning experience in doing these interviews:

Everyone's conception of capitalism is equally valid: no one has a lock on the best definition.

At the same time, living in a country where mainstream cultural institutions demonize people's attempts to feel dignity in exploring the meaning of capitalism as a system, it is equally important to find solidarity in developing a more unified, transformational understanding of capitalism.

It is towards balancing these sides of the same exploratory effort that the following work is directed.

Above all we want to convey gratitude to the many people who gave their time to this effort and to the occupiers who so graciously shared their wisdom.

We invite everyone to join in this project. If you wish to engage in the discussion more systematically, consider coming to the Left Forum March 16-18th where the dialogue will continue.

Thank you to the following:
Videographer: Sam Nosratian (OWS interviews) & Jung Chao

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Democracy Now (Micheal Moore & Naomi Klein), Enaa (Rick Wolff at Occupy Boston), Gabriel Baron (Naomi Klein at OWS), Ground Zero Magazine (Marina Sitrin at OWS), New York Society for Ethical Culture (Frances Fox Piven), Occupy Philly Media (David Harvey at Occupy Pilly), Right Face (Frances Fox Piven at OWS), Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Marina Sitrin), The Mothership channel (David Harvey)

Conference Organizers: Aparna Rishi, Caitlin Riggsbee, Jung Chao, Karla Cote, Pooja Patel, Sacha Amry, Seth Adler, Thao Phan, Tony Galligani (website designer and IT coordinator)

& every occupier who kindly let us interview them.

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