This year’s Left Forum conference theme is:
The Resistance

Left Forum takes place from June 2nd to June 4th
at John Jay College for Criminal Justice in New York City. 

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Last submission deadline: May 5th, 2017.

“The Resistance” undoubtedly conveys something that is simultaneously broad, multi-layered, historically rich, and consistently relevant (now more than ever). With that, we would like to present several sub-themes for the entire conference that we hope will guide you in your outstanding organization work for Left Forum 2017. As panel organizers, you may use these subtitles to guide your organizing and/or develop a panel track on the specific struggles you are engaged in.

The sub-themes so far are:

The Resistance: Path to a Radical New World 
#LFStrategy: How will we get there?

The Resistance: By Any Means Necessary?
#LFTactics: How will we apply strategy? 

The Resistance:
Breaking the Sexist, Racist, Kleptocratic, Earth-destroying Billionaire Class

#LFStruggles: What are we fighting and what are we fighting for? 

The Resistance: A Unified Left for Universal Liberation?
#LFSolidarity: How can the Left come together as an organized and unified force for radical change?  

The Resistance: Then. Now. Tomorrow.
#LFUtopia: What is beyond resistance? What will success look like?



Encoruagement to organize panel tracks


This year we want to encourage Left Forum panel organizers to submit both panels and, if you are feeling ambitious, whole panel tracks. A panel track will be a group of two, three or more panels with an explicit organizing or socializing session at the end. We want folks who are working on similar issues to organize together to the extent that they can.

As always, you can submit a proposal for one panel. On the panel submission page, you’ll be able to signal the substantive area (called panel topics) or areas in which your panel best fits. But if you want to organize several related panels along a substantive, integrated track, we very much encourage that.

For example a movement oriented panel track of 3 panels could look like this:

  1. Panel: History of the struggle
  2. Panel: Issues in the movement: Overcoming conflicts within the movements,
    linking up with others, what affects our movement struggles negatively
  3. Panel: What do we need to create in our movement? Preparing to get stronger!
    Mobilizing for next actions! What needs to be done next? Who is doing what?
    Connect with everyone who wants to stay in touch.  ​​​​​​
    Make agreements and concrete plans for next meetings, actions etc.


Ideas for possible panel tracks include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

Black Power and Black Liberation: History, Contemporary Developments

Militarism, capitalism, and the state

The climate battle: resistance, adaptation, transformation

Pussies grab back: fighting patriarchy and sexism

Intro to class struggle and the left

Radicalization and Liberals: here and there, then and now

Anarchists, Syndicalists, Socialists, Communists: a History of ideas

The two party system and its discontents: taking over the Dems vs Building a new party

Applying the tactics of the Guyenem (from Barcelona) at Working Families

Cultural politics and class struggle: Cultural radicals, artistic interventions

Sports and Hollywood: The left and popular culture

Media and social media: Spreading the word, moving the movements

Colonialism: then and now, there and here

Labor and Liberation: Class, Race, Gender, Nation

The state of international labor movement organizing

Rank and file Movements within unions: history, current activity, prospects

Rank and File organizing in the workplace: analyzing failures and successes

Worker coops and solidarity economies, from NYC to Greece

Worker Cooperatives and decision making and governance

Solidarity and the general strike: history, prospects

Direct Action and the general strike

Women, work, and the labor movement

The Land Question: From Standing Rock to Urban Gentrification

The refugee: Victim, Vanguard

Gentrification struggles

Accumulation by Dispossession: Eviction and Desperation in the First World and the Third

Policing: Repression, Brutality, Mass Incarceration, history, international perspectives, organizing for abolition

Dismantling the prison industrial complex

The Question of Generations

Intersectionality: Standing up for each other

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In Solidarity,

Ashley Abbott and Marcus Graetsch

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