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We’ve Been Here Before, We’re Here Again: Overcoming Acute Repression of Dissent


Using Los Angeles as a lens on the repression of activist speech, we’ll draw links between different eras, from the 1920s until today, share tactics that have been used, and share ideas about how to move forward. Drawing on a documentary in progress, “The Land of Orange Groves & Jails,” we’ll look at 1920s activism that resulted in landmark free speech law, and consider the historical progression and increasing sophistication of the suppression of dissent up through our current situation – and come up with strategies to counter the new narrative and advance our activism.
SATURDAY August 25, 2018 - 8:50pm to 9:00pm
Room 4


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Judy Branfman is completing ‘The Land of Orange Groves & Jails,’ a documentary film on LA’s 1920s Labor and free speech battles - and has a broad background in the arts, including large mixed-media projects about LA's garment workers and labor history. She is a writer and has taught at UCLA. For over 35 years she has organized events and done arts, educational, planning, and outreach projects with non-profits, unions, and municipalities.

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History Department, Occidental College; Board member, ACLU-Southern California
Marla Stone, professor of History at Occidental College, is a historian of twentieth century Europe, with a specialization in Modern Italy and Genocide Studies. She is the author and editor of The Patron State: Culture and Politics in Fascist Italy (Princeton University Press, 1998), When the Wall Came Down (1993), and The Fascist Revolution (2012). She is a member of the Board of Directors of the ACLU of Southern California.

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National Lawyers Guild - Los Angeles
Jim Lafferty is the Director of the National Lawyers Guild in Los Angeles and the host of The Lawyers Guild Show on Pacifica Radio. He played national leadership roles in several movements against U.S. wars of intervention; chairs the Board of the Office of the Americas; is a two-time awardee of the ACLU; was a constant presence at Occupy LA; and is an elected fellow at the University of Southern California's Institute for the Humanities.

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Stop LAPD Spying Coalition
Hamid Khan is the coordinator of the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition in Los Angeles.

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