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Workshop: How Do We Develop a Climate Change Revolutionary Program and Movement?


Worldwide, increasing Climate Change Disasters are upon us. While millions are aware, marching and organizing there is not a revolutionary mass movement that results from the intersectionality of Climate change and other rising social movements i.e. Black Lives Matter, BYP 100, Fight for $15, Mijente and other Immigrant Justice Groups, the Fight against Islamophobia and gender/sexual oppression and violence. The purpose of this workshop is What do we do now to bring together rising social movements in the context of imminent climate change disasters. How do we work together to develop a revolutionary program of “transformative reforms” that decreases greenhouse gases (mitigation), prepares us for preventing & adapting to climate disasters (adaptation) and demands reparations to communities and workers of color who are at the forefront of the fencelines and shore lines of increasing climate chaos. How do we unite to be both proactive and in self-defense of Rapidly Increasing Disaster Capitalism and Imperialism in stopping the destruction of where we live both during and in the “re-building of communities after climate disasters like New Orleans, New York, Houston, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. While many Marxists and others on the left have done excellent work on analyzing the root causes of climate change, we have not yet figured out how to develop a revolutionary program learning from the people most affected and least responsible that will transform the present situation and move us toward Socialism. The Revolutionary program must first and foremost be created by going out among the people in our communities, workplaces, schools, social organizations, and asking what they think needs to be done and how to get there. It must include demands that bring together specific ways to both decrease greenhouse gases, extraction of fossil fuels, and improve the lives of those most affected and least responsible for climate change. Examples include: (1) The demand for a massive increase in public transit, making it free, creating thousands of new jobs in manufacturing: electric/solar buses, trains, transit workers, construction (2) Massive increase in Amtrak rails, trains, stations including improving and preparing all infrastructure for climate disasters heatwaves and flooding. Trains are the most important means of massive evacuation if the infrastructure is adequate. (3) Building thousands of miles of traffic-separated and elevated bicycle lanes and building bicycles in the U.S. again (4) Energy Audits and Retrofits on every building in the U.S. who account for 30% of GHG which will create thousands of new jobs in every city and manufacturing (5) Building Democratic Community Controlled Solar everywhere and solarizing buildings where solar can work (6) Ending all private energy and making it all publicly owned and run, including all aspects of the Grid (7) Ending all subsidies for Industrial Agriculture and moving the $Billions to both small rural farms and urban farms (8) Built Environment Infrastructure Assessments & Retrofitting (adaptation) all communities at highest risk for climate disasters: heat waves, flooding, not just based on location, but also socioeconomic status, race, percentage of children, (9) This includes increasing safe, new, zero energy public housing, green spaces to a both mitigate and adapt to heat waves and flooding, green spaces for growing food and climate, native plants (10) Rebuilding and massively expanding community based public health personnel, infrastructure and public health first responders, employing tens of thousands from within our own communities (11) Working with Cuba and other countries who have the world’s best Climate Disaster preparedness programs (12) Developing block by block, workplace by workplace, school by school, town by town climate disaster preparedness teams, equipment, supplies in every house, school, public bulding, etc and safe havens funded by increasing taxes on corporations/the 1% We are losing the battle on climate change, but we can begin to turn the tide. While renewable energy is increasing significantly by the year, the increases are being outstripped by increases in fossil fuel extraction, burning and use. Our approach must be different than all the big green environmental groups and capitalist greenwashing that makes most believe that we can combat climate change without ending capitalism, without “changing our lifestyle”. It’s ok to keep driving 81% of the time by ourselves, building and repairing thousands of miles of new cement as long as it is an electric car. It’s ok to build oversize houses and keep buying unnecessary products as long as they are “energy efficient”-one of capitalism’s favorite terms Its not ok- The economy, the built environment must dramatically change including a drastic shrinking of the present “profits above everything” capitalist economcy and be replaced by a different one-that is both community/worker/regionally/nationally controlled from the bottom up and includes the overthrow of the capitalist nation state to move toward “Living Well, Not Living Better"
FRIDAY August 24, 2018 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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Labor, Community Organizer Marxist since 1966

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University of California Santa Barbara
John Foran is professor of sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he is also involved with the programs in Latin American and Iberian Studies, Global and International Studies, Environmental Studies, and the Bren School

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Actor and Producer
Independent environmental and racial justice organizer, Live in Los Angeles, organizer for 5 years

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