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Session 5: Sunday, June 3rd: 10:00 - 11:50am
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The 54th volume of the Socialist Register on Rethinking Democracy is a companion volume to the 2017 volume on Rethinking Revolution. The Wilsonian rhetoric a hundred years ago of an essential opposition between revolution and democracy was reinforced for much of the 20th century by the authoritarian cast of the Communist bloc countries; and by 1989, the triumph of capitalist liberal democracy was proclaimed as ‘the end of history’. But as the contradictions of neoliberal capitalist globalization have thrown up ever more reactionary responses of a new hard Right led by Trump, the antagonism between capitalism and democracy is increasingly visible. It is crucial to help lay some foundations for the new visions, organizations, practices and institutions that will be required for the development of socialist democracy in the 21st century.


Democratic Socialism and the State Today: Syriza, Sanders, Corbyn
Pete Ramand was a founding member of the Radical Independence Campaign in Scotland. He is the co-author of YES: The Radical Case for Scottish Independence (Pluto, 2014) and the editor of the collected works of Tom Nairn, Old Nations, Auld Enemies, New Times (Luath, 2014). He is a PhD student at the... Read more