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Session 5: Sunday, June 3rd: 10:00 - 11:50am
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What is Afropessimism? Why is it now generating such attention and even controversy? What is the relation of Afropessimism to the Black Radical Imagination? By suggesting that Blackness is better understood as a position of accumulation, fungibility and social death rather than as a cultural identity, Afropessimism introduces new theoretical paradigms regarding structural-inert oppression and racist dehumanization within the normative gaze of a western imperialist continuum. Are there any limitations to this discursive movement towards a more accurate grammar of suffering with regards to socio-historical struggles for Black liberation? This panel will interrogate the emancipatory relevance and discursive trajectory of Afropessimist thought.



Nicholas Powers is a poet/journalist who writes for the Indypendent and is a professor of literature at SUNY Old Westbury and the author of The Ground Below Zero: 9/11 to Burning Man, New Orleans to Darfur, Haiti to Occupy Wall Street and Theater of War: The Plot Against the American Mind.

LaRose T. Parris is a professor of English at LaGuardia Community College/CUNY and author of Being Apart: Theoretical and Existential Resistance in Africana Literature, which was awarded the Nicolás Guillén Prize for Outstanding Book in Philosophical Literature by the Caribbean Philosophical...

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R. D. Jackson is a scholar and historian who regularly participates in The Brotherwise Dispatch Editorial Cipher.