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Session 2: Saturday, June 2nd: 12:00 - 1:50pm
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During this panel discussion, we will deconstruct the democratic establishment and the methods they use to work against true progressive candidates. We will discuss what works in boosting progressives in districts and states won by Donald Trump by large margins in 2016. Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana was won by Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary in 2016 and then won by Donald Trump in the general election by 19 percentage points. We will discuss what makes progressive campaigns different, a critical look at the recent development of progressive pacts such as Our Revolution, Brand New Congress, and Justice Democrats. Where do progressive candidates in Red States go from here? #DemEnter or #DemExit A look toward 2020.


Araquel Bloss was the Campaign Manager for Joshi for Congress. She was the co-creator of Occupy Inauguration and the founder of the Progressive Independent Party.

Jorden Giger was the Field Director of Joshi for Congress. He is a local grassroots organizer.

Miguel Molina was the Latino Outreach Coordinator for the Joshi for Congress campaign. He is a student of political science at Valparaiso University and a DACA recipient.

Dan Canon was a progressive 2018 congressional candidate in Indiana's 9th district. He is a civil rights attorney best known for taking on Kim Davis, the KY clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses based on religion and won.

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Yatish Joshi was a progressive 2018 Congressional Candidate for Indiana's 2nd District. He is an immigrant from Bombay, India. He is a scientist, successful business owner, scientist, and philanthropist.

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