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With mass production of products and denser populations it's no longer possible for people to make most of the things required to survive in an urban culture. Economists have been clear about the value of this specialization of skills & knowledge on increased wealth, but a fair bargain has not been made for the people who forfeit their self sufficiency.

The weakness of LETS/barter/clearinghouse schemes is that they donѓ??t invest in infrastructure. Silvio Gesell's demurrage currency properly addresses the reasons our money tends to pool into ever fewer hands, causing the velocity to slow & the inflationary injection of new money into the system by central banks.

A holding fee removes the incentive for leveraged speculation and encourages long term investment. Demurrage currencies promote long term thinking by imposing the same storage fee on currency that real assets have. Positive interest rates prefer short term gains since returns on long term projects are exponentially discounted to present value. Demurrage currencies have the opposite effect; itѓ??s more profitable to spend on fruitful long term projects.

A demurrage currency that invests in nonprofits chosen by its users democratizes the added value of our credit commons and amplifies the benefits of these non-profits. Nonprofits that provide housing food and jobs for people at risk are the ideal place to begin building a truly democratic economy.