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Charlie Vs. Goliath Trailer:
Charlie vs Goliath ( is an award winning documentary about a penniless former Catholic priest named Charlie Hardy who challenges the political establishment in the state of Wyoming. Known as the “Bernie Sanders of Wyoming,” Charlie spent eight years living in a cardboard shack in Venezuela before returning to his home state of Wyoming, where he ran for the US Senate on a platform of getting money out of politics. The film is a case study of what it’s like for an ordinary person without money to run for higher office in this country, but it also tells a bigger story about the value of fighting for what’s right no matter how bleak the circumstances. Q&A with the Director, Reed Lindsay, will follow the screening.


Reed Lindsay is a documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist with 14 years of experience reporting, investigating, writing, producing, directing and mentoring around the world. He has lived in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Port-au-Prince and Cairo and has reported from Libya, India, Venezuela and... Read more