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Session 6: Sunday, June 3rd: 12:00 - 1:50pm
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Dispatches From Utopia: ; Why not Utopia: A Political Platform in Search of a Party by Jack Moscou ; American Stew: Hope in a Toxic Culture by Stephen James
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Coming Together: A panel discussion on the need for understanding the American culture more fully in the struggle for unity in our divided country and the effort to find common ground among Americans of different political ideologies and economic backgrounds. Topics to be discussed include: - The myth of a classless society - Class from a historical and sociological perspective - Tribalism - Finding unity and common ground among the tribes and classes in our society


Stephen James is a member of The Writers Collective. He is the award winning author of American Stew: Hope in a Toxic Culture, is the president of Contemporary Heroism Initiative, Executive Director of the Humanist Society of Metropolitan New York, and is a member of the Ernest Becker Foundation... Read more
Helena Dearnell spent her early life in Colombia and studied Civil Engineering at Los Andes University. She then decided to explore the world and went to live in Paris, where she studied painting. She has lived in New York and Paris at different times in her life and says this has helped her to... Read more
Jack Moscou has an extensive background in management training and staff development for health care institutions in the USA and Canada; for municipal and state governments; and for candidates in various political campaigns. His commentary on political and societal events is posted in http://www.... Read more