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Session 4: Saturday, June 2nd: 4:00 - 5:50pm
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Since Trump took power, a classic mass strike process has emerged as protests against his regime have grown. Women, blacks, Latinos and other immigrants, students, and labor unions including teachers have mobilized. But if these groups remain fragmented, they are all in danger. A group of New Deal Democrats in Texas has developed some mass traction economic demands to serve as a Common Denominator for the unity of anti-Trump and anti-billionaire forces. Three of these demands have been overwhelmingly approved in the March 6 Texas Democratic primary. These results, ignored by the corporate media, show that the American people want to throw out Trump and the Wall Street Democrats and enact an economic recovery using ultra-low interest, long-term credit provided by a nationalized Federal Reserve:
Proposition #2, passed with 93% support: “Should everyone in Texas have the right to refinance student loan debt with the Federal Reserve at a 0% interest rate, as relief for the crushing burden of debt and an investment in the next generation of Americans?”
Proposition #3, passed with 95% support: “Should everyone in Texas have a right to healthcare, guaranteed by a universal, quality Medicare-for-all system?”
Proposition #5, passed with 93% support: “Should the Democratic Party promote a national jobs program, with high wage and labor standards, to replace crumbling infrastructure and rebuild hurricane damaged areas, paid for with local, state, and federal bonds financed through the Federal Reserve at low interest with long term maturities?”
This panel will discuss this program and organizing process.