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Session 6: Sunday, June 3rd: 12:00 - 1:50pm
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Something remarkable is happening in the UK, the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is, with the support of an energized grassroots base, articulating an economic platform that breaks with neoliberal orthodoxy to outline what an economy that works for the many, not the few, could look like. This new economics is grounded in "alternative models of ownership"—an innovative agenda that builds upwards from community wealth building frameworks for cooperative and municipally owned development at the city level to democratized large scale public ownership at the regional and national level.

This panel will discuss the origins of this platform (including the connections between Cleveland and Preston), the ongoing and accelerating efforts to implement it at the local level while Labour remains out of government (like Corbyn's new "community wealth building unit"), and what lessons the US Left can learn about how a popular economic agenda can be built to challenge the ownership patterns of corporate capitalism at all scales.


J. Phillip Thompson is the Deputy Mayor of Strategic Policy Initiatives for the City of New York, and an associate professor of urban studies and planning at MIT. An urban planner and political scientist who focuses on race, community development, and health, Thompson worked for New York’s Mayor...

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Ted Howard is the Co-founder and President of The Democracy Collaborative. Previously, he served as the Executive Director of the National Center for Economic Alternatives.

In July 2010, Ted was appointed the Steven Minter Senior Fellow for Social Justice at The Cleveland Foundation, a...

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Hilary Wainwright is a leading researcher and writer on the emergence of new forms of democratic accountability within parties, movements and the state. She is the driving force and editor behind Red Pepper, a popular British new left magazine, and has documented countless examples of resurgent...

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