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Session 7: Sunday, June 3rd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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Amidst the crisis of 'actually existing neoliberal democracy' today, this panel, launching the 2018 Socialist Register on Rethinking Democracy, addresses the theoretical foundations of liberal and radical conceptions democracy in relation to those of socialist democracy. What are the new premises and visions that will be required in rethinking socialist democracy in the 21st century?


Nancy Holmstrom is Professor Emeritus and former chair of the Philosophy Department at Rutgers – Newark, a co-editor of New Politics, and a longtime socialist and feminist activist and scholar. She has published numerous articles on core concepts of social/political philosophy including freedom...

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Radical Democracy and Socialism

Greg Albo teaches political economy at the Department of Political Science, York University, Toronto. He is currently co-editor of the Socialist Register. He is also on the editorial boards of Studies in Political Economy, Relay, Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, Canadian Dimension, The Bullet and...

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