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Economic Liberalization and Environmental Policy are twin forces right now. Yet countries and states approach their nexus in different ways. The papers on this panel will consider three instances of economic liberalization and how it informs environmental policy. Robert S. Eshelman's paper -- entitled "Rick Perry's Neo-Liberalism in Texas and Climate Change" -- considers how climate change impacts are evident in Texas yet so too is the rollback of government constraints on industry. His talk takes seriously the deeply embedded American belief that the market is the pinnacle of liberty over tyranny and presents the extent to which it is, instead, the primary impediment to action on climate change. Tina Gerhardt's paper - entitled “Economic Liberalization and Environmental Policy in Germany" -- considers how Germany seeks to phase out a reliance on fossil fuels by 2050 and has been not only meeting but superseding its annual targets. Lucia Green-Weiskel's paper -- entitled "Economic Liberation and Environmental Policy in China" -- considers the relationship among political corruption, economic liberalization, transparency and accountability in China -- all with regard to climate change.