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Session A: Friday, June 1st: 4:00 - 5:50pm
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Getting out the vote is not enough. Corrupt partisan election officials shamelessly steal votes, purge registrations, and erase ballot images, resulting in drastically skewed results that pervert democracy. Black and Latino communities are hit particularly hard, since they most solidly threaten the oligarchy that controls both parties to differing degrees. Our forces are fighting back to preserve the ballot images on the new Opscan machines, often by sueing these officials. (This is how Doug Jones won the Senate race in Alabama.) This panel will bring you up to date on this vital struggle, which the MSM still largely ignores.


Anti-war and civil rights activist in the 60s and 70s, Simpson got a PhD in comp lit from Brown, taught English for 5 years in New Orleans, then left academia for jazz piano. He stayed 22 years, performed abroad, recorded, created a CD-ROM on jazz piano history with Dick Hyman, then returned to the... Read more
Bob Fitrakis was an election observer in El Salvador in March, 2004. After witnessing vote suppression in the November 2004 election, he called the first public hearings on vote suppression and election irregularities and was one of four attorneys to file a challenge to Ohio's presidential... Read more
One of 13 children, Robinson grew up poor and black in Eastern N.C. After a stint in the Marines he became a political consultant and activist, founding the Conyers Institute of Public Policy. It advises progressive political campaigns and works to expand the electorate in minority communities. A... Read more
YahNé Ndgo is a writer, singer and global activist who is among those building Ubuntu Nation, an international community coordinating efforts to assure that basic living rights, peace, equity, and freedom are enjoyed across the earth. Following an appearance on CNN during which she discussed her... Read more
John Roberts Brakey is an elections investigator, transparency advocate and former business owner. He is a co-founder of AUDIT AZ (Americans United for Democracy, Integrity and Transparency in Elections), which assisted with winning the RTA election records lawsuit, which awarded the plaintiffs the... Read more
Lulu Friesdat is an Edward R. Murrow award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker whose work focuses on election reform and social change. She covered the 2016 Wisconsin presidential recount for She received a Best Documentary award for, “Holler Back—[not] Voting in an American... Read more