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Session 3: Saturday, June 2nd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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The New Sanctuary Coalition (NSC) believes that immigration issues stem from unjust global economic relationships and racism. This panel will present strategies for bringing together citizens with immigrants facing detention and deportation to change U.S. immigration practices and to provide sanctuary through innovative techniques/programs that get around I.C.E.'s increasingly harsh and inhumane tactics. NSC believes everyone deserves hope and dignity while fighting for their rights. This panel will include discussion of physical sanctuary in N.Y.C., asylum, work, defense, and bond.(Merriam-Webster defines ethnic cleansing as,”the expulsion, imprisonment, or killing of an ethnic minority by a dominant majority in order to achieve ethnic homogeneity.”)


Ravi Ragbir is a NYC immigrant rights activist who has helped hundreds of people as an organizer and now as the Executive Director of the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York. He works directly with those who are facing deportation to empower them to struggle to remain in the US, He has trained... Read more
Aura Hernandez was ordered to report to ICE on March 1 for removal and came to NSC for help "beyond her rights." She is a major fighter in the struggle for social justice while in physical sanctuary at The Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York on the Upper Westside. She... Read more
Steven Sacco is an immigration attorney with the Legal Aid Society of New York, and a volunteer and member of the New Sanctuary Coalition. He serves as a volunteer consultant at the NSC Pro Se Immigration Clinic.
Almost 25 years ago my husband, my son (who back then was a 5 month old baby boy) arrived into this country. We knew we had to forget about the pain we felt for leaving everything behind -our 21 years of life in which we grow loving our families, our friends, our land, our culture, and our... Read more
Natacha Gaudard is an immigrant from Haiti who arrived in the U.S. in 2015. She became a member of New Sanctuary Coalition in 2017 and was accompanied to ICE check-ins. In July 2017 she was taken into detention but released on bond in November with NSC help where she now assists others with... Read more