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Karl Marx's “Critique of the Gotha Program,” one of his last writings, addresses ideas about a future non-capitalist society and the proper “program” for a revolutionary organization. Although much has been written about the “Critique” over the years, its implications for organization were all but ignored until Raya Dunayevskaya argued that it provides us with a new foundation for working out the role of a Marxist organization and its relationship to movements outside it. A recent international class series focused on this aspect of the “Critique.” This panel will continue that investigation, challenging certain deeply entrenched left ideas—which are not in Marx—especially the belief that revolutionary intellectuals' task is to “raise people’s consciousness.” A round-table discussion by class members, this panel will address some controversial issues that arose. At least three class members from the New York area will participate in person, and others will appear by Skype from England and around the U.S. Participants vary considerably in age, experiences, and political associations, but all share a passion to work out Marx's ideas for today.