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Session 7: Sunday, June 3rd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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The continuing crisis that haunts the global capitalist system has made the intimations of a post-capitalist society that are implicit in Marx’s critique of political economy newly relevant. This panel will explore new developments in Marxist value theory that shed new illumination on the social forms and relations needed to surmount existing society.

Presenters: Stephan Hammel, "A Matter of Communal Design: Overcoming the Value Form"; Sam, Salour, "Marx's Critique of the Bourgeois World"; David Norman Smith, "For A World Without Commodities: Sharing vs. System Entropy"; Peter Hudis, "Envisioning the Abolition of Value Production"


DAVID SMITH works at the point of intersection between political sociology, political psychology, and political economy. He is keenly interested in all of the many ways in which people think and feel about democracy and tolerance, not only in politics but in culture and the economy. That...

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Sam Salour is from Iran and has studied mathematics, theoretical physics and economics. For the past two years his focus has been on Marx and his critique of capitalism. I hope to continue my studies on Marx's theory of revolution and the concrete possibilities of overcoming the capital...

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Peter Hudis is Professor of Philosophy at Oakton Community College in the U.S. He has written widely on Marxist social theory and Hegelian philosophy and is author of 'Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism' (2012) and 'Frantz Fanon: Philosopher of the Barricades' (...

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