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Session 4: Saturday, June 2nd: 4:00 - 5:50pm
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The philosophy of István Mészaros is indispensable to the American Left as it confronts a capitalist system now seeking to own the state itself – in a word, fascism. Resistance against this peril is building but still incapable of creating a national consensus to save what is left of constitutional democracy while seeking paths toward a socialist alternative. Historically, the current moment calls for a second united front against American fascism broader and deeper than its predecessor in the 1930s – this time built from the bottom up and grounded in our understanding how capital destroys humanity and nature in myriad ways. Our efforts become deeply philosophical as we seek to forge greater understanding of the totality of capitalist relations, recognizing that the regime of capital itself negates revolutionary consciousness by blocking the emergence of the individual as a revolutionary subject. In this moment of transition toward fascism or socialism, barbarism or progress, Mészaros enables us to ponder sensuousness as a requirement for the great anti-capitalist movement we that now call all people of conscience to create.


Bertell Ollman is a professor and author of Alienation, and Dialectical Investigations, as well as author of a dozen other books in this general area. He is also the creator of the Class Struggle board game.

Michael J. Roberto taught contemporary world history at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and is the author of a forthcoming book on the genesis of American fascism in the 1920s and 1930s (Monthly Review Press). A longtime resident of Greensboro, NC, he is a member of...

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