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Session 4: Saturday, June 2nd: 4:00 - 5:50pm
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Income Inequality is growing wider by the day while Social Ills keep ailing the global human polity amidst an unparalleled advancement of the technological and scientific frontier.

We are being told that handouts to the poor, minimum wage, Unions, Taxing the Rich Lowering Taxes, Social Security, Universal Basic Income, Free Pre-K, Free College for All, Open Borders and unchecked immigration, Deficit Spending, Unlimited Government borrowing, Reintroducing the Gold Standard, Reforming the Federal Reserve, "Free" Trade or Protectionism, Regulated or Deregulated Markets, Protecting Private Property/Or its centralized appropriation are solutions to the problem.

All these contradictory solutions are being touted by either side of the ruling elites and their parrots in Politics, Media and Academia as solutions
to our Society's problems. Really?

All these schemes have been applied in one form or another and seem to exacerbate the problem rather than solving it. In a battle with the Cancerous Viral effects of "Rent Seeking" behavior both the so called "Left" and the so called "Right" come in armed with band-aids... all the while playing useful idiots
to the one and only real enemy of the Productive Classes i.e the Rent-Seekers (masqueraded as Financiers, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Owners).

So what should the productive classes do? Come and join us in an eye-opening discussion and effective solutions against the progressive gangrene of the economic enslavement of Humanity and the Destruction of our Global Commons.