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Session 3: Saturday, June 2nd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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Examination of the continuing neocolonial structures, imperial polices and designs of USA and Western imperial nations in creating and perpetuating crisis in political and social economies of Africa, Haiti-Caribbean, African descendants of slavery in USA and Western Nations and territories. A focus on those designs and instruments including that oppress and the refusal to honor UN call for Reparations.


Nat’l Coordinator. Judicial Violence Symposium, Co-Coordinator. Guadeloupe Haiti Tour Comm., NY Green Party, two-time US Senate candidate. Committed Pan Africanist with a life time in activist work in civil rights, human rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights. Aligned with Eco-Socialist Horizons.... Read more
For close to a quarter of a century, has produced activist and cultural programs for television. He is affiliated with several organizations, including "Incarcerated Nation" a group that addresses issues related to the carceral state. He has moderated "The Haiti Panel at the Left... Read more
Kim Ives is a journalist with the newspaper Haiti Liberté, which is a part of the 1804 Movement for All Immigrants.
Mamadou Niang is a long-time journalist from Senegal, who has worked for many Al Jazeera, CCTV, and French television. He is currently the executive editor at NextMedia.TV.
Ray Laforest is a long-time unionist in New York and activist in the Haitian community.
Milton Allimadi is originally from Uganda. After studying journalism at Columbia and Economics at Syracuse University, he worked for the Wall Street Journal, The Journal of Commerce, freelanced for The New York Times, and was a reporter and deputy managing editor with The City Sun, all before... Read more