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Session 5: Sunday, June 3rd: 10:00 - 11:50am
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The entire left is struggling towards a coherent electoral strategy. On the one hand, many committed activists continue to feel they must vote for 'progressive' Democrats. On the other, a huge segment of newly radicalized fighters for social change have become totally disillusioned from electoral politics altogether. Perhaps there is a third way. Hear different perspectives from activists who have run or are running electoral campaigns independent of the Democrats and join a discussion on how the movement can make a definite break with the parties of big business.


Jabari is an activist, socialist, and former Green Party and socialist candidate for New York City Council. He is also an artist and teacher. He's a political organizer and activist, having organized phonebanks, marches and on other actions for police reform, LGBTQ+ rights, housing, and... Read more
Melissa is an activist and a worker. She became very active organizing for the Sanders campaign in 2016 and stayed active, joining Socialist Action that year. She is a founding member of the International Womens' Strike Connecticut Committee and active in immigrants rights, labor rights,... Read more
Fred Linck is a 30 year old activist and member of Socialist Action. At 17 he joined the Marine Corps and fought in the war in Iraq. Fred's experience in Iraq lead him to question the U.S. motivations for going to war and the capitalist system that breeds war, racism, homophobia, and... Read more
Milly Guzman-Young is a Puerto Rican independence, anti-war, and environmental justice activist. Guzman-Young approaches the issue of electoral politics through the lens of the struggle to end the imposition of the imperialist PROMESA fiscal control board on the Puerto Rican economy and to... Read more