LF 2019 Exhibition


Left Forum 2019 Exhibition Interest Form:

UPDATE: As of May 9th, 2019 our exhibition is filled. If you have previously submitted an interest form and not heard from us...you will be hearing back ASAP with your approval. For any and all who still have interest in joining us, please reach out to us and you will be added to the waitlist. As a note: we do forsee some spaces opening up so please don't hesitate to email. For waitlist info and other inquiries please contact Ashley at ashley@leftforum.org.

Additional Note to All Grassroots and Community Organizations/Groups About Friday's Separate Free Tabling Event: We will soon be posting a dedicated information page about a separate featured tabling event, planned to take place on Friday (June 28th) only...and encourage you to contact us if you might be interested in applying to take part. There will be no charge for those invited to join us and table at this featured event (and like the exhibition, will include 2 full conference passes for your table representatives). Our goal in hosting this as a featured part of the conference is to uplift and provide a platform for some of the many organizations, groups, and communities engaging in on the ground struggles. We hope that those who take part might find this as an opportunity to connect, inform, and engage others, as well as, build capacity.

This is a new endeavor and, being the first time we have organized this for a Left Forum conference, we also welcome any and all feedback, suggestions, and questions. Please reach out to Ashley (ashley@leftforum.org) with any follow up and/or interest.

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at this year's Left Forum. This year's conference will have one large exhibit space that can accomodate approximately 45 tables. We are asking that all who are interested in exhibiting at this year's conference fill out THIS (5/9/2019: LF 2019's exhibition is currently filled - Please see above info on joining the waitlist) interest form. Once you submit the form, we will be in touch. Some important info

*  Table costs range from $200 - $250 (depending on the type of organization and whether you plan to sell items at the conference)

*  Each table comes with 2 full conference passes

*  The exhibition will take place on Saturday and Sunday

* As a reminder, the dates for the conference are June 28 - 30, 2019 and it will take place at Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus.


If you have any questions, please contact exhibits@leftforum.org