Dennis Bernstein lives in San Francisco and has been a long-time front line reporter specializing in human rights and international affairs. He worked as associate editor with the Pacific News Service, and is currently the host/producer of “Flashpoints,” a daily news magazine syndicated on Pacifica Radio. He is the recipient of many awards for his investigative reporting, including the 2015 Pillar Award from the National Whistleblower’s Conference, the Jessie Meriton White Sevice Award in International Journalism, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters Gold Reel Award, The Art of Peace Award, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Reporting Award, Media Alliance/Media Bash Investigative Reporting Award, and his investigative reports have been recognized by Project Censored many times. In 2009, Pulse Media named him one of the “20 Top Global Media Figures.” Bernstein’s articles and essays have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, Denver Post, Philadelphia Enquirer, Newsday, The Nation, Dallas Times Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Mother Jones, Village Voice, The Progressive, Vibe Magazine, Spin Magazine, Toronto Globe, Kyoto Journal, Der Spiegel, International Herald Tribune, and many more. Bernstein taught “Special Ed” for ten years in schools and maxium security prisons. He has taught teens in the South Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem—how to report and produce for print and radio—and is the founder of the South Bronx Media Collective and Young Writers Radio Collective. He started in radio as a poetry producer, and founded the Muriel Rukeyser Reading Series in Park Slope Brooklyn, and broadcast over WBAI, in New York City; the series was named after his teacher, the late poet and biographer, Muriel Rukeyser. Bernstein also produced the first complete live, 35 hour broadcast of James Joyce’s Ulysses in the U.S. at New York’s Bloomsday Bookstore and over Pacifica radio. Bernstein most recent collection of poems Special Ed: Voices from a Hidden Classroom (NY Quarterly Books) was based on his experiences as a teacher. It won the 2012 Artists Embassy International Literary Cultural Award and accolades from Alice Walker and others. His first poems appeared as a chapbook, Particles of Light, with woodcuts by Stan Kaplan. His artists books/plays French Fries and GRRRHHHH: a study of Social Patterns, co-authored with Warren Lehrer, are considered seminal works in the genre, and are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Georges Pompidou Centre, and other museums around the world. Bernstein is also the author of Henry Hyde’s Moral Universe, the co-author of two decks of political trading cards, Friendly Dictators and the S&L Scandal Trading Cards. Bernstein’s poetry has been published widely in The Texas Observer, New York Quarterly, ZYZZYVA, The Progressive, Bat City Review, The Poetry Super Highway Poet of the Week, Your Daily Poem, Red River Review, The Bird’s Eye Review, J Journal, Helicon Nine, The Dickens, Dark Horse, Edison Literary Review, The Chimaera, Science for the People, Ars Medica, The Bijou Review, Shot Glass Journal.