Lowkey is an elevated conscious artivist and Global citizen seeking peace through human development and opposes all forms of imperialism, zionism and colonialism. Through his artistry and activistim he wages a cultural revolution to educate and inspire the oppressed people to organize and rise up for self-determination.
In addition to being an internationally acclaimed Hip Hop recording artist he has traveled to Palestinian refugee camps around the West Bank area to perform fundraising shows to help rebuild the Gaza Strip. He returned to Palestine in 2009 with M-1 of Dead Prez to carry out a humanitarian aid mission and bring medical aid to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. This led to a collaboration between the two on his CD titled, "Soundtrack to the Struggle".
Another incredible point of note is that, our own noble revolutionary ancestor President Hugo Chavez invited LowKey and his band to visit Caracas during the first summit of CELAC. It was there that realized that Venezuela was far closer to democracy than what he experienced neo-liberal England.
Lowkey has been a prominent member of the Stop The War Coalition and has spoken against the invasion of Iraq. Furthermore, he has been a sharp critic of United States and British foreign policy, because the two powers are only interested in supporting leaders who are under their influence or are willing to assist them.
Lowkey witnessed the Grenfell Tower fire disaster on 14 June 2017 which resulted in the death of more than 80 people. He criticised the British government, Queen Elizabeth II, corporations and the mainstream media in the wake of the disaster and exposed that the tragic event was a result of the injustice and criminality at the heart of Britain’s current political system. He subsequently made a tribute song titled, "Ghosts of Grenfell" in honor of the victims. He was later hailed in Parliament as "poet laureate" for Grenfell Tower by MP Emma Dent Coad, comparing him and others to Ben Jonson and Alfred Lord Tennyson.