Lama Abu-Odeh (Arabic: لمى أبو عودة‎) is a Palestinian-American professor and author, who teaches at the Georgetown University Law Center. She has written extensively on Islamic law, feminism, and family law.

Abu-Odeh was born in Amman, Jordan in 1962. She is the daughter of Adnan Abu-Odeh, a former senator in the Jordanian House of Parliament and ambassador.[1] She earned her LL.B. from the University of Jordan, her LL.M. from the University of Bristol, England, her MA from the University of York, England, and her S.J.D. from Harvard University.

She has taught at Stanford Law School and worked for the World Bank's Middle East/North Africa division.

Abu-Odeh has also written on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and has voiced support for a bi-national solution, or the creation of one state in Israel/Palestine. In addition to being a scholar on a multitude of platforms, she discusses greatly the world's political and legal trends as it pertains to Muslims in a post-9/11 society. By doing so predominantly through the lens of academia while simultaneously critiquing trends within the academy, Abu-Odeh has begun multiple discussions on the topic.