Marni Halasa, a lawyer, journalist, activist and performance artist, ran for City Council in 2017 in District 3, on an anti-gentrification platform, championing the Small Business Jobs Survival Act. With an excellent showing for independents/third parties, Ms. Halasa's small but fierce campaign pushed Corey Johnson, who is now Speaker of City Council, to make the SBJSA a pivotal issue this year. Her campaign led her to found a new group, Community Control of Land Use ( which organizes small businesses and tenants against intrusive development. As a journalist and observer of local politics, her essays challenging the status quo and the compromised nature of City Council can be seen in Metro New York, 42nd Street, Chelsea Now and The Villager.

In addition, Ms. Halasa is the founder of Revolution Is Sexy, a one-stop shop for activists and groups needing advice and PR on how to stage protests that attract the attention of mainstream media. Her performance art, installation pieces and dance have been featured in mainstream media nationally, internationally and locally, countless times including the New York Times, New York Daily News, Washington Post, CBS Nightly News, The Guardian, USA Today, NPR and PBS. She also has given talks to high school students in Brooklyn and Akron, Ohio, about the art of protest. Her website is: