Yannis Tziligakis is an independent thinker/educator/researcher, a published scientist, philosopher, a publicly performing musician and Public Access TV producer and demosiographer. He has done work for various international Institutions NCNR-DEMOCRITOS, CERN, NCN, ,Univ of Michigan, Beckman Inst., Illinois Research Board, GSMT, HGS, IU, Jufeel Health Foundation-UN, etc..He is the founder of the GET-GIVE initiative which engages in education, advocacy and dissemination of the ideas and writings of Henry George towards social and economic justice. A frequent writer and public speaker with Common Ground USA, HGSSS, OIKOS, The New School, The Hellenic American Education Association, EarthSharing-Australia, NYSEC, CCNY, MNN, Left Forum. He is also vice-President of the International Union for Land Value Taxation for EU/Greece.