Zevin X. Cruz as a "Neo-Progressive" Congressional candidate for my district (NY-22). He is an author, artist and activist who has been a lifelong advocate of the oppressed and for the past 20 years has fought for justice and fundamental social change. As an “integral metamodern philosopher” he founded “Neo-Transcendentalism,” which is a holistic approach to art and activism (“Integral Artivism”). His “Ten Integral Neo-Transcendental Tenets for Evolutionary Transformation” otherwise known as “The Dynamic Decalogue” is based on Ken Wilbers' “Theory of Everything—the AQAL Model (All Quadrants, All Lines)—serving as an Integral Operating System (IOS) for humanity.

As an artist, he has pioneered a bold and new Integral Art movement called Neo-Transcendentalism: Cul-ture Jamming, Trans-Genre Recontextualization, Community Co-Creation, Vision Building and Mission Oriented Strategic Art. The latter consist of guerrilla art projects known as “cultural interventions” on controversial public spaces that received some public notoriety through print & local television media coverage.

As an author, he was a newspaper reporter in 2006 for the Dryden Courier, Lansing Ledger and Groton Independent in upstate New York. In California, Cruz wrote freelance articles for the Light Connection and Street Light where he honed his skills to become an ambitious author and an advocate for bold and transformative change. During his college years he went undercover as a homeless person for a week and later in jail as an inmate for 10 days to write about what it is like to live in both worlds if only for a brief moment. He also writes “conceptual poetry” fused with experimental art, which typically begins as a concrete poem that “evolves” (transcend limits and include features) through six other different artistic genres only to be integrated into a grand, seventh holistic piece.

As an activist, he was in the Natural Leaders Initiative, former Founder and Director of the San Diego Cultural Creatives (SDCC) in 2002, which in 2005 its steering committee voted to approve his "Grand Unified Theory & Strategy (GUTS) of Evolutionary Transformation." John Falchi, an elder in the activist community and former steering committee member of SDCC, referred to Cruz's work as "Genius. Pure genius." The writer was a member of the World Future Society (WFS), the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), the National Organizers Alliance (NOA), Independent Progressive Politics Network (IPPN) and the Ithaca Unitarian Universalists Church. He trained with the Ruckus Society in preparation and participation for the “2001 Biodevastation Protest” in San Diego. Cruz has been featured on WS Internet Talk Radio, community newspapers, a panelist in community dialogues, given lectures and conducted workshops on comprehensive efforts for fundamental social change.

His formal education consist of two AA’s in Journalism and Philosophy, BS in Criminal Justice, Minor in Sociology and Master’s in Human Services: Organizational Management & Leadership from Springfield College in California. For his doctoral thesis at Springfield College he founded and led the SAN DIEGO CULTURAL CREATIVES (SDCC): A Convergence of Change Agents For Unified Strategic Action that led him to create his “Grand Unified Theory & Strategy (GUTS),” which his academic graduate advisor, Gil Ontai, called such work as a “new take and advance to Karl Marx’s thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis model.”

Cruz has also participated in the 2012 “Transition U.S. Weekend Training in Kingston, New York,” and the 2010 and 2007 U.S. Social Forum. He formed the "Cognitive Work Group" of Occupy Cortland (a local OWS think tank in upstate New York) and collaborated with Occupy Ithaca. Cruz has visited Zuccotti Park during the early weeks of the occupation and was an active member in the NYCGA's online work groups and think tank. His series of seven books is a synthesis of all of his experiences and work with these various groups and diverse people.

He is a bilingual, Mexican-American, born on 1970 in General Hospital at Los Angeles, California and the eldest of three brothers and one sister. Both parents emigrated legally from Mexico in the late 1960s. His father graduated from diesel mechanic school in Baja California before getting a job with Delta Lines in Los Angeles. His father taught himself English through a home course of audio records in the evenings. Zevin’s mother was a house wife and later worked at nursing homes. Zevin grew up in Pico Rivera, California (just a few miles from East LA) for about 10 years (1975 to 1985) before moving to San Diego, California (1985 to 2005) living there for 20 years then strategically relocating with his wife to a more rural and sustainable region of upstate New York in the small town of Virgil in Cortland county for 12 years and counting.

At age 12, in Pico Rivera, California, Zevin took his first steps as an activist by leading a school walkout at Miller Junior High for announcing its permanent closure of where he was a seventh grade student. He saw the collective efforts of the students stalled when teachers, administrators and security quarantined the school by blocking all exists and entrances. Seeing that the popular student organizers of the walkout were stumped by such a lockdown, he quickly took the initiative and proceeded to find an alternative exit through the cafeteria and up the stairs and exit stage left onto the outside school parking lot where the entire student population watched and cheered then soon overwhelmed the school staff by climbing over the 18-foot fences and leaped into freedom. A student protest ensued with makeshift signs for a few hours until police showed up and culled the students back to classes, whereas Zevin and his band of “school insurrectionists” left the premises to celebrate. However, months later the school did close.

At age 17, in San Diego, California after a philosophical debate with his English teacher as a senior at Montgomery High School, Zevin founded the SEARCHERS FOR TRUTH: A Theological and Philosophical Student Association, to seek out answers with his fellow students to life’s most enduring questions: Who are we? What is a life? What is the meaning and purpose to life? Does god exist? Is there life after death? Is there a true church and religion of god? His spiritual development evolved from being a Catholic to a Southern Baptist and then as a non-denominational Christian in the “Worldwide Church of God.” Then in college his religious beliefs became more ecumenical and finally developing to a spiritual progressivism by a becoming a member of the “First Unitarian Society of Ithaca” in 2007.

In his twenties, he was the founder and leader of three other groups in San Diego: 1) TOURING FORCE: A Sports Bike Touring Association to advocate motorcycle safety among young riders of “crotch rockets” and organize a cross country run to attempt a new Guinness World’s Record; 2) DETONATION: A Muscle Car Club consisting of young car enthusiasts of classic hot rods to create safe spaces for street racing; 3) The SOCIETY of the THIRD MILLENNIUM (S3K): An Integral Guerrilla Art Collective made up of Gen Xers “artivists” who seized public spaces without permission to erect site-specific art installations without property destruction or graffiti in order to bring attention to often neglected political, social and cultural issues.

While working to put himself through college he worked a lot of blue collar jobs as an assistant diesel me-chanic, auto parts driver, UPS loader, armed security officer and campus police. As a student of Southwestern Community College he wrote articles for the Southwestern Sun newspaper, published a few avant-garde poems in the school’s literary magazine and wrote freelance articles for The Light Connection and Street Light. During this time period he went undercover as a both a homeless person (for two weeks) and later an incarcerated inmate (also for two weeks) to write about these subject matters through firsthand accounts in what is commonly known as the New Journalism.

In upstate New York (2005 to present) Zevin became a graduate of Ithaca’s “Natural Leaders Initiative,” which is part of the Cornell Community Extension program. There he introduced his SUM STRATAGEM to Dorothy Cotton, a leader who talked and marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in the 1960s African-American Civil Rights Movement not to mention a member of the inner-circle of one of its main organizations, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and arguably the highest ranked female member of the organization, commented in class that Zevin’s strategic vision was “beautiful.” In 2009, Zevin helped form a community group to repel the closure of our neighborhood elementary school in Virgil by uniting both conservative and liberal neighbors in voicing our disapproval at several local town halls and school board meetings. He even offered and wrote political campaign strategies to two of the three local school board candidates that won.

In 2009, during the Tea Party movement, Zevin volunteered to run for one of the New York representative seats for the 2009 Continental Congress sponsored by the conservative-libertarian foundation called “We The People.” He was a supporter of the 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign but voted for Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader during the general election (he has voted for Nader since 2000 and voted for Green Party Presidential candidate, Jill Stein, in 2012 and 2016).

Zevin has attended the 2007, 2010 and 2015 Atlanta, Detroit and Philadelphia US Social Forums where activist from all over the country and world converge for movement building workshops and activities. In 2011, he visited Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park during the second weekend of the movement and joined several online work groups of the NYCGA website like the “Vision & Strategy” group and the “Think Tank.” In his local community he formed an activist think tank called the “Cognitive Work Group (CWG)” of Occupy Cortland. In addition, he collaborated with other affiliates like the “Education Work Group” of Occupy Ithaca and participated in creating their OWS pamphlet by contributing his own writ-ings. In 2012, Zevin attended and participated in both Occupy National Gathering and the 99 Declaration’s Work Groups’ Continental Congress 2.0. (CC 2.0) in Philadelphia, where he worked to co-create a unifying vision with Occupy and a political platform with CC 2.0 over the four-day period.

In 2015, he self-published his first book, THE SUM: A Cohesive Vision, Coherent Strategy & Comprehensive Philosophy Of Integral Activism For The Cultural Creatives’ Convergence of Movements, and launched it at the 2015 US Social Forum when he presented a workshop to activists called “THE SUMMONING: A 2016 Sum Stratagem Of Unified Mega-Movement Campaign For A Citizen Accountability Purge Of The Economic Oligarchy Through A National General Strike.” In 2016, he self-published his second book, THE SUM II: A Critical Analysis Of The Current State Of Activism To Create A Cohesive Vision, Strategy & Philosophy Of Neo-Transcendentalism. Jeevan Sivasubramaniam, senior managing editor of Barrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., referred to his "Dynamic Decalogue" as "a new philosophy for activists and humanity."

He was scheduled for his book launch at the 2016 LEFT Forum but instead he opted for a more unconventional one month book tour between mid-August and early September of 2016. On Friday, August 12 at the site of we launched The “CROSS COUNTRY CHALLENGER QUEST (C3Q),” an art poster campaign in all 48 lower continental states in America to establish a new Guinness World Record. “Ideas and actions go hand in hand in order to have any reasonable shot at changing the world,” Zevin would say. “And while most people day dream or talk about doing remarkable things, we do them. Case in point: we travelled 11,600 miles in 21 days to post at least one art poster in all 48 lower continental states of America—living out most people’s fantasy vacation, while driving in many American’s dream hot rod. However, this was no vacation and the modern American muscle car—the Dodge CHALLENGER—served as a fitting symbol for setting up the future dominos for nonviolent resistance, revolt and revolution against the corrupt, exploitive, self-destructive, status quo system and surveillance state of American Empire. During this quest, we’ve met people we would not ordinarily meet and felt things we would probably never feel again. We’ve seen things most people will never see like the velocity blur of a Nebraska landscape, while driving a predominantly phantom black Challenger SRT8 over 175 mph before running out of road on our way to poster junked-vehicles at the outdoor, art installation ‘Carhenge.’ We’ve done things most people will never do like overlooking three states while hiking along the rim of a dormant volcano only to descend into its charred, molten, cooled rocky center in New Mexico. We’ve experienced the extremes of living out one’s passionate purpose in collaboration with the unconditional love of a life partner, while at times during intense difficult moments in the trip also experienced contempt for each other and yet coming out the other end as stronger steel, forged from the fires of triumphs and tribulations (perhaps in preparation for more grandiose and ambitious projects yet to come). On top of everything we have unofficially established a new Guinness World Record (review of our records is still pending) by being the first guerrilla artist to place at least one art poster in every state in the continental U.S., documented by credit card statements and receipts; along with pictures, video and a log book filled with witnesses’ names, signatures and contact information to confirm our whereabouts. 268 art posters were placed in 48 states, 60 cities at 106 sites in 3 weeks’ time. All posted in different locations without authorization, permissions or permits—guerrilla art at its simplest, speediest and grandest. Placement of posters ranged from the conventional like college bulletin boards at Yale University, all variety of power and electrical traffic boxes (tall vertical ones to short wide ones and different colors: green, pink, salmon, stainless steel, black, white and beige) to strange sites like statues, busts, dumpsters, gas stations (trash cans, fuel pumps and pillars), signs (state visitor centers, pedestals, back of billboards), utility rooms, abandoned shacks, sheds and buildings, baseball stadiums, outdoor art projects, graffiti-ridden junked cars, a green plastic dinosaur, in front of a police department, behind of a fast food chain order speaker board, on a freeway overpass, highway bridges, pillars and pedestals, a steel train bridge, a Grand Canyon gift shop, a cowboy straddling a rocket on top of a firetruck, a giant water tank on a Montana hilltop that can be seen for blocks, inside the largest book store in the country at Port-land, Oregon, in the foyer of a Denny’s in Indiana, and behind a national park sign like John Brown’s at Harpers Ferry in West Virginia—an American abolitionist who believed armed insurrection was the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery in the United States,” Zevin.

In July, 2017, he attended the 1st National Gathering of Transition US ( For four days he participated in intensives, workshops, general assemblies, leadership retreat and strategic sessions to expand this movement for community resilience through post-carbon relocalization.

On August 21, the day of the “Great American Solar Eclipse, he would conduct a bi-partisan performance art happening called the “Path to Totality Project (PTP).” He described this artistic endeavor on his Face-book page: “The cross-country trip of the century—for celestial bodies” will take place, as “the moon will pass completely in front of the sun” and “for the first time in nearly 100 years, its shadow will traverse the U.S. from coast to coast, making this eclipse one of the most highly anticipated and widely visible total solar eclipse in history,” this according to TIME magazine’s July 10, 2017 article, “The Great American Eclipse.” The article goes on to say, “Although the entire country will be able to see at least a portion of the moon glide across the sun, the sweet spot (known as the ‘path of totality’ where 12.2 million people lie within some 70 miles wide along with 47 million or 15% of the U.S., are within a two-hour drive) will be along a route that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina. This is where the moon will block all sunlight, leaving the ground below in darkness. Only during this period will it be safe to view the eclipse with the naked eye. If the weather cooperates, stars will appear in the sky in the middle of the day. Complete darkness will be brief, lasting only about two minutes, depending on location […].” This is the celestial canvass on American soil, which we integral artists and activists (Metamodern Neo-Transcendentalists) or “artivists” wish to “paint on” as a “performance art happening” in an effort to tap into “unity consciousness” as the first major collective step in 2017 towards healing us by mending the political and cultural fragmentation of America. How? By turning a cosmic event in the U.S. into a cathartic collective experience to begin releasing the fear, anger and hatred between conservatives and liberals among the rural and urban, the coast and inland, religious and scientific, atheists and believers through a two-fold process: 1) those outside the “path of totality” will collectively pray, chant and meditate upon 2) those lighting and letting go the red and blue sky lanterns (representing the divisive Democratic and Republican political camps) with the written words often used to disparage each other on the internet and mass media. We intend to create a positive, contemplative and transcendental collective experience as not only a symbolic gesture and psychological exercise but also as a “National Unifying Purpose (NUP)” to activate the surrounding morphic fields—“the view that there are collective subjective effects on reality that influence the actual direction of development and events. An academic discipline, modern discursive theory, suggests this in the simplest of ways. When humans project ideas in writing or other media, these can become game changers for the behavior of entire cultures. We need only think of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf or Thomas Paine’s Common Sense,” this according to Kurt Johnson and David Robert’s 2012 book, The Coming Interspiritual Age. “In 1979, Princeton University scientists formed the influential Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program to investigate paranormal phenomena. In one of their most well-known announcement, they published evidence of non-random field effects surrounding the half-billion people watching the 1995 O.J. Simpson verdict. After 28 years of work and over ten million tests, PEAR concluded that scientific evidence exists for consciousness affecting or interacting with surrounding phenomena.” If our collective consciousness can affect our physical reality than why not in a positive way with this project and begin to heal our divided and diseased country?

In the 2018, he will be self-publishing his third book, THE DYNAMIC DECALOGUE: A Metamodern Manifesto From The Grand Synthesis Of Integral Applications As The Ten Philosophical Pillars Of Neo-Transcendentalism For Evolutionary Transformation. He intends to finish remaining three books in the sextet series by the end of 2018 and an anthology in 2019. During the same he wants to unify almost all 50-plus political third parties in the United States to create a “Grand Unified Alliance (GUA)” based on a Left-Right Synthesis of Issues and political planks, “Grand Unified Platform (GUP),” that will serve the foundation for new amendments to reinvent government and evolve democracy to its next system of governance—“Crowdocracy.” If a GUA fails to materialize among the political third parties then he intends to form the first Crowdocratic Third Party in the United States as “The TH3RD PARTY” (a Meta-Term) or “THE LAST PARTY” because it will do away with representative government (the need for politicians) and end the tyranny of the two party system to usher in The SOCIETY of the THIRD MILLENNIUM (S3K).