Nine years after the Panic of 2008, the coming of the Trump administration has finally detonated the greatest mass strike upsurge in US history, with over 5 million protesters in the streets on January 21, followed by months of continuous agitation. The opportunities now emerging are breathtaking, and require new methods. The Democratic ticket lost the 2016 election most of all because of the lack of mass traction economic demands, especially the absence of a program for 40 million new productive jobs. But the Resistance is hobbled by the residue of decades of marginalization, in particular the overwhelming stress on identity politics that can become a straitjacket when mass action is once again possible. Demands like Free College, Medicare for All, the $15 Minimum Wage, Halting Foreclosures, and full employment job creation – all paid for by Wall Street and the Fed -- can quickly become the basis for a united front capable of contending for political power in the years just ahead. Good strategy can also lead to the collapse of the racist and reactionary GOP as a national force, and a split among Democrats leaving the Wall Street faction isolated.