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In exile in the United States in the late 19th century, the Cuban poet and revolutionary Jose Marti wrote of being in the "belly of the beast" ("en las entraƱas del monstruo")--in a country that came to dominate and exploit his own homeland. In our current era, neoliberal or "corporate" globalization has imposed new forms of integration of national economies into the capitalist world economy. This process has included major disruptions of national economies, falling especially heavily on workers and poor people worldwide, and has been a major force behind large international migrations. The presence of workers from the colonized/subordinate countries within the colonizing/dominant countries is not new. Migrations both forced and formally voluntary, from the colonized countries to the colonizing powers, have characterized the entire capitalist era. This session, arising from Dollars & Sense's "Costs of Empire" project, will include speakers on the linkages between imperialism, migration, and anti-colonial and anti-capitalist struggle right in "the belly of the beast."