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The Challenge and Burden of Historical Time
The only sustainable path beyond the system of global capital domination is a fundamental, positive, and truly social alternative. Meszaros's radical insistence on equitable, hence sustainable relations, from the local to international levels, may sound extreme and impractical to some. But Meszaros prefers that social subjects negotiate with each other in qualitatively useful ways, instead of compromising with bean counters. In his extensive writings, he never strays from the hard, simple line: capital is destroying the world, itself and all of humanity. To avoid confronting the fundamental, genetic contradictions in the system is to add fuel to the planetary conflagration. We will invite discussion about how the thought of Meszaros can help us practically as we attempt to create a viable socialist alternative in the U.S. now made more urgent by the fascist threat of Trump and Company. We will focus on key ways Meszaros's work is extraordinarily helpful in efforts to construct a revolutionary alternative to what now exists under capitalism in our own communities. Further we will discuss how concrete steps toward freely associated labor, democratic organization of production and substantive equality can be made integral to the transitional politics of fledgling movements like the one in Greensboro, NC, a Southern city with a long history of struggle for social and economic and racial equality.