Panel/Workshop Presentation Documents: 
Reading List: 
Breaking Through Power - Day 3 at >www.youtube.com/watch?v=Epa8XquD04Q< ; Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became “People”... by Thom Hartmann (free as eBook, 2010) . Wheeler's Life and Writing of Thomas Paine. (10v, free download); UN DHR.
Except for naturalized citizens, most Americans never take an oath to defend the Constitution. World War 2 united the nation but later unconstitutional “conflicts” divided it. “Liberty and justice for all” and “Four Freedoms” are fading memories. Fortunately prominent attorneys have documented both the “Deep State” (Dan Sheehan, 2016) and a "Police State" (Gerry Spence, 2015), to help veterans penetrate the bodyguard of lies and eject “devils dancing on the point of a political pyramid”. Groups like Veterans for Peace have recently been in the trenches against outlaw oil corporations and racist police. This round-table asks “Where will our winter soldiers go from here” Last May, in "Breaking Through Power", VFP helped present ideas on waging peace alongside a Secretariat of former senior military, national security and diplomatic officials to speak truth against reckless power (see Day 3 of 8 on Reading List). Now it’s time to prepare a formal funding proposal aimed at Congressional Districts. Let's plan our "unstoppable" work and work the plan.