International Playback Theatre Network and Pastors for Peace
SATURDAY June 3rd Session 1: 10:00am - 11:50am
The panel will focus how government support for cultural workers helped develop the dignity of the Cuba people and make the island a major contributor to the arts.
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International Playback Theatre Network
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Susan (MS in Social Foundations of Education and MFA in Writing Poetry) has been teaching Playback Theatre in Cuba for 16 years. She has published on the Casas de Cultura movement wherein creative leisure-time activities are offered free of charge to all sectors in all regions and where Playback has been accepted as an international collaboration.
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Pastors for Peace
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Nora is a retired NYC Vocation Education teachers who has been active with Pastors for Peace since 2002. She travelled on two recent delegations and seven caravans that broke the US economic blockade by bringing vehicles filled with material aid to the island, including support for Playback Theatre. She is helping prepare a delegation for February 2018 that will focus on urban organic agriculture and Cuban culture.
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Isnoel Yanes
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Teatro de los Elementos, Ministry of Culture, Cuba
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Isnoel (BA in Social Communications) is a professional Actor and the General Director of Teatro de los Elementos, a community culture collective residing in the agricultural town of Cumunayagua, province of Cienfuegos.
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International Playback Theatre Network