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Seth Kershner & Scott Harding, “Counter-Recruitment and the Campaign to Demilitarize Public Schools.” Pat Elder, "Military Recruiting in the United States"
This workshop brings together three well-known counter-recruitment activists: Barbara Harris, Seth Kershner, and Pat Elder. Barbara Harris, with the Granny Peace Brigade in New York, will discuss activities that have been shown to be effective in de-militarizing high schools in New York City, New York State, and the nation. She will share materials describing non-military options for students. Seth Kershner teamed up with Scott Harding to author the book, “Counter-Recruitment and the Campaign to Demilitarize Public Schools.” Kershner will address the various tactics used in counter-recruitment, drawing from the works of activists and case studies of successful organizing and advocacy. Pat Elder is the Director of the National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy and the author of “Military Recruiting in the United States.” Elder will outline specific steps parents and activists should take to limit the military’s presence in our public schools. Learn how the military recruits from your high school and steps you can take to confront it.