SATURDAY June 3rd Session 1: 10:00am - 11:50am
Since the outbreak of the global financial crisis, we have seen the rise of authoritarian regimes, of populist parties, of growing inequality… These trends diminish social cohesion and undermine democratic governance. Our future depends on how we will address the unprecedented number of political, social, and economic challenges. It is necessary to revitalize democratic governance and preserve civil rights and fundamental liberties. Arts and Culture play a vital role in contemporary societies, and can contribute to achieving this goal. The current panel aspires to present some visions on creative democracy: in what ways artists are resisting the wave of authoritarianism. In particular, the speakers will examine how poets use language as a way to stabilize their sense of self, reclaim language and resist homogenized meaninglessness; how to narrate from a path of unity in diversity and embrace integration; some historical perspectives and today´s initiatives on creative attempts to promote social change and civic engagement.
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Lea Diaz is a poet, artist and an academic. She has already published two books of poetry. Many of her poems have been collected in literary journals. She has also been a Scholar in prestigious Universities and Centers within Europe and the USA -EUI (Florence), ULB (Brussels), CRIE (Siena), MAX PLANCK (Heidelberg), LOYOLA U.(US), BERKELEY U.(US), NYU, COLUMBIA U. (US), etc. Lea has obtained her Accreditation and is currently involved in the study of alternative forms of democracy, activist democracy, campaigning.
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Susan Brennan is a poet, screenwriter and activist. Her poems can be found in upcoming chapbook, Blue Sirens (Dancing Girl Press), numinous (Finishing Line Press), and Drunken Oasis (Rattapallax Press). She curated poetry programming at Wilco’s Solid Sound Music Festival at MASS MoCA, and is staging her poem about Georges Seurat’s last days with a circus arts company. She has written film scripts, a 1 million hit plus award winning web-series and pitched film stories, premiering at Venice and Tribeca Film Festivals. See what she’s up to at
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Angela Lang is bilingual writer and editor. She is an innovative content creator, travel writer and editor with a unique love for storytelling as a tool for transformation. For more than a decade, she has been working across multiple platforms in bilingual environments. She has lead major Hispanic initiatives in publishing houses such as The New York Times Co., Meredith Corp. and Time Inc. She contributes to several publications in the U.S. and in Colombia, and currently works as a travel and wellness editor for Hola!/Hello! USA
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Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Lucía Cotarelo is an Hispanist, Associated Professor and Researcher at the Spanish Literature Department of the Complutense University of Madrid, employed by the Spanish Ministry of Education. She is currently writing her PhD thesis, titled: Poets in itinere. Strange and Forgotten Writers from the Other Silver Age at the North American Exile (East Coast). She has been visiting teacher at different universities from Germany and Austria. At this time, she is spending a three month research stay at the New York University, working with Prof. James D. Fernández, specialist in Spanish immigrants and exiles in the United States.
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