As always, education is an ideological battleground. The Trump Administration and its allies are not only waging war against the very idea of public school, they are explicitly and systematically attempting to silence those who would question them. For this reason, critical pedagogy may be an essential aspect of resistance to their agenda, as it prioritizes questions about who gets to speak and what counts as truth. Continuing a conversation begun in a previous session (Critical Pedagogy and Resistance Now (I): The Classroom as a Space for Critique), the presenters will make brief remarks about what they see as the potential for critical pedagogy in this particular moment, what lessons can be drawn from the past, and what questions we need to wrestle with. After these remarks, we will facilitate an open-dialogue with those in attendance about what possibilities are for action in their particular context and what opportunities we have to work across contexts to support each other in this critical moment. You don’t have to attend the first workshop to participate in this dialogue.