Historically, the left has most often written off religious traditions as a distraction or worse. But recently, the raw reality that billions of people around the globe identify strongly with a faith tradition is starting to demand attention. What kind of contribution does a healthy faith-based sector make to the global justice movement? Members and friends of the multifaith Community of Living Traditions will address this question, using our commonwork of farming as a living metaphor. How do we work to make our faith traditions “fertile ground” for resistance? What does the “good soil” that allows resistance to grow look and feel like? What do we do when we encounter damaged or imbalanced soil — such as racism or exclusivism within our faith traditions? How do we guard against and weed out confusions that can dismantle our efforts? The workshop will allow for significant time for audience members to contribute questions and clarity based on their experience with religion. The Community of Living Traditions is a multifaith intentional community in residence at Stony Point Center, a retreat facility owned by the Presbyterian Church in Rockland County, NY. For decades, SPC has hosted conversations at the left edge of the progressive Christian and ecumenical movements. Since 2009, the Community of Living Traditions has expanded that legacy into the realm of multifaith organizing.